The 2020 State of Cybersecurity Networking Event

Farr Shepherd invited to speak at The State of Cybersecurity networking event hosted by Digital Resource.

West Palm Beach, FL – 1/29/2020 – Farr Shepherd, President, Decypher Technologies presented The State of Cybersecurity 2020 in partnership with Jim King of Atlantic Pacific Insurance. The presentation was hosted by Digital Resource in West Palm Beach, FL.

Farr’s speech covered 2 main points on Cyber Security:

  • The evolution of an attack
    This helped attendees understand cybercrime tactics so they can better protect themselves.
  • Password Best Practices
    Reviewed how attendees could find out if their passwords have been compromised and the importance of adopting password security best practices.

Attendees included peers from a wide range of industries including Home Automation Specialists, Office Technology Suppliers, and Realtors. All gathered to network and learn about the current cyber-threat climate and how to protect their customers and their businesses.

Farr, speaking about the turnout for the event said, “Our team was very pleased with the level of engagement from the attendees, it clearly showed their interest in protecting themselves and their organizations against cyber-threats. Nearly everyone in attendance commented on how they benefited from the program.”

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