Facilities Manager, Florida Luxury Resort

Each time I have had an issue with my technology (usually self-inflicted), Decypher’s technicians solve my problem quickly with no long wait times or callbacks, just solutions.

Owner, Notary Service

I am very impressed with Decypher. They are undoubtedly the best in the business. Their services are top-notch, and their team is highly qualified. I have worked with various companies in the past, but they have yet to match the quality of work and staff that Decypher offers.

I find Stetson, Joel, Jamie, and Jen to be exceptionally professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They keep me updated with new offerings and are always willing to explore new options. Whenever there is an issue that cannot be resolved remotely, someone from the team comes to my office to fix it. The staff is always transparent about what happened and explains it to me in a way I can understand.

When you require assistance, you can either call the help desk or send a message through the portal. The help desk is known for their prompt response times and will either guide you through the resolution process or fix the issue for you.

If you want the best of the best Decypher is your company. The owners take care of their staff, they all work together in one unison. If a company can be worldwide you must know it’s the cream of the crop. I hope Decypher is around for another 20 years.

I will never leave Decypher, they are caring, personable and easy to talk and work with.

CFO, Coal Mining Operation

We have been impressed with all things Decypher. Our vendors have even mentioned how little disruption they have been experiencing in connectivity. We have several applications that interface with our network for fleet monitoring and accounting purposes. Historically we have struggled to maintain those applications. So far, we have been humming along with no issues. We are grateful for the professionalism and aptitude of your team and would be happy to provide a review for a prospective customer.

Director, Research Nonprofit

amfAR partnered with Decypher Technology to build a Wi-Fi network for a benefit gala we held in Palm Beach, Florida. It was an unanticipated and very last-minute need due to unforeseen venue restrictions, but the network was essential for our team and our guests, and critical to the event’s success. Farr Shepard and his team were able to swoop in and come up with creative solutions just days before the event. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to provide guests with reliable Wi-Fi in an area with poor cellular coverage, and the event was a great success. We’re deeply grateful for Decrypter’s assistance and professionalism in our hour of need. What’s more, they even donated the rental of a Starlink Satellite receiver, which was a very kind gesture.

Owner, Economic Consulting Business

I have managed a small economic consulting business from my home for more than thirty years. Decypher Technologies has provided my IT support from the time we move to Colorado in 2004. Their service and support has been impeccable. Decypher has been far more responsive in suggesting equipment choices, meeting emergency needs and responding to issues than any of the IT departments at the large organizations where I had previously worked. They are not just the best in Colorado, they are the BEST.

Director of Technical Services, Hospital

We had a Cellular and Public Safety DAS installed by another vendor but it was poorly designed and commissioned, and without the required approvals from the carriers and the Fire Marshal. Decypher redesigned the whole system, built out the necessary changes and worked with the carriers and Fire Marshal on our behalf. Our system has been great ever since. They then helped us modernize our Verizon and AT&T sources and added FirstNet functionality into our facility to provide even greater service. Decypher continually monitors and maintains the system and helps us adapt it to meet our frequent remodeling and reconfiguration efforts to ensure our patients and staff receive the best service possible.

Executive Assistant, Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Firm

We are a small, private business that does not have in-house IT help. We hired Decypher Technologies to assist us with our IT environment and cybersecurity in our office and for our remote staff. Decypher also supplies the hardware that our staff uses so if any issues do arise, their technicians step in and make sure everything is resolved quickly. We always experience a quick turn-around time, and they ensure we are well taken care. We never have to take the time to find a local repair service which is a real time and money saver!

It is also awesome speaking to a real human when we need technical support! Decypher doesn’t use confusing phone prompts or long holds with terrible music. When we call, someone answers the phone and makes sure we get the best assistance with our issues. Decypher’s team takes the time to explain everything they are doing in a way I can understand and they document every step so nothing is left unresolved.

Executive and Artistic Director, Film Nonprofit

We recently discovered that we had been hacked after receiving an email from our bank, which was completely unsuspecting of a breach. The hackers were inquiring about making a wire transfer over over $100K, and the email appeared to have come from me to our head of banking. It was when I saw her response to an email I never sent that we realized the breach had occurred. As a small, non-profit organization this would have been a devastating error. In crisis mode, a colleague referred us to Decypher Technologies.

The swift and expert response that we experienced, particularly from Farr, James and Ben was nothing short of phenomenal. Our technician Ben was able to quickly find out the extent of the breach and shut it down immediately.

Aspen Film recovered from this breach thanks to Decypher’s expert team. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome and were blown away by how fast and efficient the process was.

Owner, Landscape Architecture Company

Thank you Decypher Technologies, for helping my design firm transition to working from home! The process was seamless and stress-free from our side of the equation. We so appreciate the personal attention from each of you and your excellent team of technicians. We feel very cared for and supported.

Senior Project Manager, Construction Firm

Decypher Technologies and Mike Tackett in particular, have been integral partners with Palace (Construction). They have helped us advise our clients on initial RF testing and to incorporate design for radio amplification in our projects as opposed to getting all the way to the end of a project and finding out that it’s required for CO. Decypher provides solutions that  saves us money and time. We know we can count on them on any of our projects.

VP Initiatives, Nonprofit

As a non-profit foundation, we have extremely complex financial software needs. The technicians at Decypher have taken the time to get to know our organization. They know our software needs and understand our file server and work-station designs which means nearly any of the support staff can help with technical issues when we call.

We’ve tried other smaller, local providers but found that we were constrained by their limited schedules and couldn’t always get help when we needed it. As a Managed Service customer with Decypher, we know we can call their support team whenever we need them and a human being will answer the phone. When we do call, we never have to worry about an hourly rate. With one fixed price, we get help whenever we need it. Great Customer Service!

VP Finance & Administration, Real Estate Agency

The amount of troubleshooting that Decypher’s Help Desk can do in a day has really benefited us, as we have 100+ Brokers/Staff in multiple office locations. The support process is smooth, and everyone there is personable and easy to work with. The entire team that Decypher has built allows them to diagnose issues with a high level of expertise that we wouldn’t find using a single IT person. Having the ability to lean on the expertise of the entire Decypher team has made our network strong and reliable.

Operations Director, Luxury Resort

We had an immediate need for an IT specialist to assess the health, security and overall structure of our networks. Decypher Technologies was able to react quickly and provided us with the information and solutions we needed to move forward in the most efficient manner. They were a pleasure to work with and gave us the peace of mind that only comes from working with true professionals.

Manager, Luxury Retail

Having to deal with vendors that are fixing problems out-of-state can be difficult at best. I gave Decypher Technologies a call, and within five minutes they knew exactly what the problem was and had put together a plan of attack. Thanks to them I was saved the trouble of dealing with the local telephone company, and also saved from flying out there myself. They were a huge help and a valuable asset.

Owner, Self Storage Facility

Decypher Technologies has always been there for me. My business depends on the technology that Decypher has recommended and installed for our daily cash flow needs, so any interruption in service can have dire consequences. I am happy to state that if I ever have a problem (which is very rare), Decypher promptly gets me up and running again. Thank you, Decypher – you will always have my highest recommendation!

Property Manager, Colorado Ranch

We are very happy with our 18 year partnership with Decypher. Decypher designed and maintains our network infrastructure, which includes 10 homes on a ranch that spans over two miles. They have been responsive to our needs and have demonstrated a high level of technical competence as well. We would happily recommend them to any other business considering utilizing their services.

Director of Technical Services, Hospital

Working with Decypher has been a great experience. Their team is knowledgeable, intuitive and passionate about what they do. They took the time necessary to truly study not only our technical environment, but our business culture as well. We appreciate the open lines of communication between our team and the ongoing collaboration. We’re thrilled to have identified such a strong partner here in the Valley!

Operations Director, Luxury Resort

Decypher Technologies has been wonderful for us over the last nine years in Jupiter. The support is consistent and comprehensive, and I feel that our IT environment is always in the best of hands. The Decypher project and development team provides real solutions, and helps us research and negotiate accounts with third parties. Thank you for all you do for us at Timbers Jupiter.

Manager, Pipe and Supply Company

Your technicians were professional, respectful, personable and knowledgeable. I witnessed them in a perfect scenario and in a not-so-perfect scenario. The not-so-perfect scenarios are when you see the true colors of an organization. When I called, there was a live person; when I emailed requesting info, it was delivered within 24 hours. You guys are amazing, and you make what I do easier!

General Manager, Luxury Hotel

As a hotel operator, it’s nice to have a partner in Decypher. We’re a small hotel, but still a complicated business with lots of technology and moving parts. Our ability to lean on Decypher to help us with day-to-day operations and large projects ensures the hotel operates with confidence in our IT capabilities. Decypher has a great team in place, and they are a true pleasure to have as our IT vendor.

Executive Director, Recreation Facilities

After our staff members began receiving multiple email phishing scams, we decided to take advantage of the lunch and learn educational opportunity that is provided under our Managed Service with Decypher Technologies. This offering proved to be a great value to us, ensuring our staff was well informed about how to recognize these attempted phishing attacks, what to do when they receive the malicious emails and reducing the chances of a successful attack.

We are located in the Vail Valley and our IT needs have been seamlessly handled remotely by Decypher’s Helpdesk Technicians. They have trained us on how to use their Helpdesk and service ticket system efficiently. And because of our unique needs as a public organization, Decypher has been able to assign us a dedicated tech who knows our infrastructure well. This individual’s personal experience with our system enables them to arrive at a solution very quickly.

We value the customized service that Decypher Technologies has been able to offer us as it relates to our business needs and security preferences. They truly look out for the best ways to address our needs without hindering our business capabilities and operations.

Manager, Insulation Company

My experience with Decypher’s staff is wonderful and we do not have enough kind words for how wonderful our experience has been! Their tech support agents are consistently professional, efficient, personable, knowledgeable, patient and kind. They provide immediate solutions to any issues that we come across. If they don’t have an immediate answer, they do their absolute best to find a solution in a timely manner. We also appreciate that though they are a small business, they have a broad range of knowledge and are able to handle in-depth requests with ease.

Senior Executive Assistant, Agriculture

We switched to Decypher Technologies from another Managed Service Provider who wasn’t able to meet our needs and have never looked back! Decypher’s staff is experienced enough to handle our volume of calls, they always respond in a timely manner, are professional, trustworthy, capable and polite! Our partnership with Decypher has given us the confidence to operate efficiently and safely on a daily basis. They take the time to research all avenues before proceeding on new projects with us and ensure they are providing the best solution possible. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Decypher as our company grows.