These awards means so much to our team because they acknowledge how hard we work to go above and beyond for our customers every single day. It shows that a company based in a small, Western Colorado town can compete with any major metro-area tech company. We are humbled by the recognition from our voters for a second year and we humbly thank you!



We believe in staying ahead of technology, so we invest in the best education and training for our staff. Company-wide, we have over 100 years of IT experience and nearly two dozen certifications. Whether you’re running a business or managing your home, we have the knowledge to address your technology needs and make the best of what you already have.

ASPEN FILM April 2020 - We recently discovered that we'd been hacked. The hackers were inquiring about making a wire transfer of over $100K. As a small, non-profit organization this would have been a devastating error. In crisis mode, a colleague referred us to Decypher Technologies. The swift and expert response that we experienced was nothing short of phenomenal. Our technician was able to quickly find the extent of the breach and shut it down immediately. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome and were blown away by how fast, efficient and affordable the process was. Susan Wrubel, Executive & Artistic Director SHANNON MURPHY LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS April 2020 - Thank you Decypher Technologies, for helping my design firm transition to working from home! The process was seamless and stress-free from our side of the equation. We so appreciate the personal attention from each of you and your excellent team of - technicians. We feel very cared for and supported. Shannon Murphy, Owner PALACE CONSTRUCTION March 2020 - Decypher Technologies and Mike Tackett in particular, have been integral partners with Palace (Construction). They have helped us advise our clients on initial RF testing and to incorporate design for radio amplification in our projects as opposed to getting all the way to the end of a project and finding out that it’s required for CO. Decypher provides solutions that saves us money and time. We know we can count on them on any of our projects. Erek Swanson, Sr. Project Manager TELLURIDE FOUNDATION March 2020 - As a non-profit foundation, we have extremely complex financial software needs. The technicians at Decypher took the time to get to know our organization. They know our software needs and understand our file server and work-station designs which means nearly any of the support staff can help with technical issues when we call. As a Managed Service customer with Decypher, we know we can call their support team whenever we need them and a human being will answer the phone. With one fixed price, we get help whenever we need it. Great Customer Service! Elaine Demas ASPEN INSULATION October 2019 - My experience with Decypher's staff is wonderful! Their tech support agents are consistently professional and provide immediate soluions to any issues that we come across. If they don't have an immediate answer, they do their absolute best to find a soliution in a timely manner. We also appreciate that though they are a small business, they have a broad range of knowledge and are able to handle in-depth requests with ease. Brittney McGillivray, Office Manager COLORADO PRODUCT SERVICES August 2019 - We switched to Decypher from another Managed Service Provider who couldn't meet our needs and have never looked back! Decypher’s staff is experienced enough to handle our volume of calls, they always respond in a timely manner, are professional, trustworthy, capable and polite! Our partnership with Decypher has given us the confidence to operate efficiently and safely on a daily basis. They take the time to research all avenues before proceeding on new projects with us and ensure they are providing the best solution possible. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Decypher as our company grows. Chelsea Brooks, Senior Executive Assistant MOUNTAIN RECREATION December 2019 - We are located in the Vail Valley and our IT needs are seamlessly handled remotely by Decypher’s Technicians. Because of our unique needs as a public organization, Decypher has been able to assign a dedicated tech who knows our infrastructure well. This person's experience with our system enables them to arrive at a solution quickly. We value the customized service that Decypher provides as it relates to our business needs and security preferences. They truly look out for the best ways to address our needs without hindering our business capabilities and operations. Janet Bartnik, Executive Director HOTEL TEATRO As a hotel operator, it's nice to have a partner in Decypher. We're a small hotel, but still a complicated business with lots of technology and moving parts. Our ability to lean on Decypher to help us with day-to-day operations and large projects ensures the hotel operates with confidence in our IT capabilities. Decypher has a great team in place, and they are a true pleasure to have as our IT vendor. David Coonan, General Manager VALLEY VIEW HOSPITAL Working with Decypher has been a great experience. Their team is knowledgeable, intuitive and passionate about what they do. They took the time necessary to truly study not only our technical environment, but our business culture as well. We appreciate the open lines of communication between our team and the ongoing collaboration. We’re thrilled to have identified such a strong partner here in the Valley! Deborah Daberkow, Director of Technical Services MASON MORSE The amount of troubleshooting that Decypher’s Help Desk can do in a day has really benefited us, as we have 100+ Brokers/Staff in multiple office locations. The support process is smooth, and everyone there is personable and easy to work with. The entire team that Decypher has built allows them to diagnose issues with a high level of expertise that we wouldn’t find using a single IT person. Having the ability to lean on the expertise of the entire Decypher team has made our network strong and reliable. Wendy Bontempo, Vice President BOUTIQUE OGIER ASPEN After repeatedly reaching dead ends with other service providers, I discovered Decypher Technologies. The technician I worked with not only walked me through meticulous problem solving steps, but completely solved my problem over the phone rather than having me schedule an on-site visit. His directions were clear to understand and his follow-up offered the precise solution to our time sensitive issue. His assistance saved a huge amount of time and money for my company. Now and in the future, will only work with Decypher Technologies for all of my company's IT related issues, questions, or concerns. David Jonathan Rogers

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