Luxury Cybersecurity Services

Decypher Technologies is an award-winning Communications Company, headquartered in Colorado. Decypher specializes in Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity, and Cellular Engineering. Additionally, our team possesses 20 years of niche expertise working with luxury residential systems.

Luxury Residences

We understand that home is Sanctuary – where you relax, where your guard is down, but your Internet of Things (IoT) is still present. Devices, cars, security and camera systems, gates, etc. are meant to keep us connected and protected no matter where we are, but they also pose risks. As we connect more and more of these systems to the internet, they have become a prime target for hackers to steal data, wreak havoc, and target victims for cybercrime.

The key benefits of Decypher’s Cybersecurity Services for our Luxury Home clients include vulnerability assessment, threat detection and reporting, threat hunting and real-time response, and continuous monitoring. Our team of specialists can design a plan to fit your unique luxury home security needs to keep you connected and secure at all times

Luxury Yachts

Decypher’s luxury clients like to relax in style and what better way to unwind than on a world-class yacht. Of course, these vessels are just as connected as high-end homes are, which inherently brings risk because any connected location, even at sea, has the potential for cyber-attack.

Decypher uses industry leading security tools to protect you whether at home or on the water. This would include protecting you and your guest’s privacy and sensitive data, but also ensuring that your crew has only the necessary access needed, without putting the owners at risk.

Find out more about how Decypher has helped other luxury yacht owners in their pursuit of security at sea.

Couple these services with our luxury concierge technical support offerings, Decypher truly delivers a world-class experience for your luxury home or yacht.



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