windows tips shortcuts

Windows Tips and Shortcuts

Windows Tips and Shortcutswindows shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Windows
CTRL+Tab cycles through browser tabs on both Mac and Windows. CTRL+SHIFT+Tab cycles the opposite direction.

Adobe Acrobat Troubleshooting
If you’re experiencing problems with Adobe Acrobat, try signing out of the software and signing back in. This should refresh the Adobe license and solve the issue.

Printer Hack
If your color printer is out of black ink but you need to print something right away, you can change the text color to dark blue. The text should print without needing black ink and still look passable. You can also use dark gray if you have a separate gray ink cartridge.

Device Mounting Hack
To hang devices on the wall, place a piece of paper on the back of the device and punch holes where the screw holes are. Then use that piece of paper as a template to space the wall screws exactly. You can also use a copy machine or scanner to scan the back of the device and use that for a screw hole template.

Email Protection Features
If your email goes down, our email protection service has Emergency Mailbox functionality. This enables end users to access a temporary mailbox with all email from the outage moving forward.

Our email protection service also has an Instant Replay feature. If somehow emails aren’t being delivered, Instant Replay can be used so the user re-receives the messages, if they have been sent within the past seven days.

Windows Tips & Shortcuts
In Windows 10, you can minimize all other windows by grabbing the window you want to keep open and shaking it.

[Windows key] + [left arrow] or [right arrow] will automatically split the screen for you.

[Windows key] + [up arrow] will maximize the current window.

[Windows key] + [down arrow] will restore the window to its original size.

Type MSINFO on Start Menu search and it will bring up tons of information on the computer.

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