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Where do cyber-attacks start?

Cyberattacks can happen on any device at any given time, so how do you know which of your devices you need to protect? It helps first to clarify where these attacks come from.

In the past, attacks came from outside sources, or, in other words, the internet. Cybersecurity companies combatted these attacks by setting up firewalls, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and Intrustion Prevention System (IPS) to block incoming attacks. Anti-virus software also became a reliable program to trust, but these methods are now outdated. These days, attacks can take place just about anywhere.

Malware that modern hackers use is encrypted to the point that they are nearly invisible to firewalls and IDS systems. Historically, these edge devices acted as the first line of defense, protecting the network from outside threats, but this is no longer the case. The line of devices that attackers needed to penetrate before they could make a serious breach is no longer a concern to hackers.

Just as military tactics and weapons continue to advance, so do the methods of cyber threats. With these advancements, cyber attackers have devised multiple ways to bypass edge protection and gain direct access from inside the network. This is possible through email phishing, accidentally visiting a malicious website, allowing your kids to play games on unsecured websites, etc.

While networks are still organized from edge devices to wireless access points, and then to servers and personal devices, these advanced malware attacks ignore the line of defense that once proved competent. Companies do not realize that attacks can occur within their own network. In fact, many companies still rely on firewalls and anti-virus software. It’s not enough. Rather than simple edge protection, organizations need cybersecurity solutions that give them full coverage.

With solutions from a reliable cybersecurity provider, when an attack happens — no matter where it is coming from — the company is alerted immediately, and the attack can be isolated before it begins to spread. This combination gives companies a centralized security solution with all of the support they need.

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