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Tips & Tricks for Teams

When you come across an important message that you need to refer to later, bookmark it!

  1. Hover over the message and click on the three dots to the right of the emoji faces
  2. Click on Bookmark
  3. To search for this bookmark at another time, type /saved into the search bar
  4. If you then click on the chat icon in the left column, you will see all of your saved messages

Forward an email to a channel/team directly from Outlook.

  • Find the team you want to send to & click on the ellipsis next to the name of the channel
  • Select Get email address
  • Copy/paste that address into your Outlook message
  • Include attachments if applicable
  • Send email


Urgent notifications:

Click on the exclamation point to select Standard, Important or Urgent.


Create a rich-text message:

If you need your message to be structured or formatted in a specific way, you can use rich-text to bold, highlight, change font, etc.


Useful keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + N – New chat to start
  • ^ – Use up arrow key to edit the last message sent by you
  • Ctrl + O – Select a file to attach and send in your chat
  • Ctrl + Shift + M – Mute (unmute) yourself during a meeting
  • Ctrl + Shift + O – Turn on (turn off) your camera on a call

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