Tech Tips, Behind the Scenes and a Special Event

Tech Tips, Behind the Scenes and a Special Event


We want to keep you informed with the latest technology tips. Here are some that we’ve found most helpful this month.

In Chrome or Firefox browsers, you can quickly find a recent page you visited by right-clicking on the back arrow to view a list of your browsing history. Or, in the event that you accidentally close a browser tab that you needed to keep open, Control + Shift + T opens the last browser tab that you closed.

To delete entire words in a document or an email in one move, press Control + Delete or Control + Back on a PC. On a Mac, press Command + Delete.

Remembering a long list of passwords can be challenging, especially if you are using long, secure passwords. Taking advantage of a password manager enables you to remember only a single password to access all of yours. We like a brand called OneLogin so much that we use it exclusively, throughout our company. Along with many other useful tools, OneLogin is included as part of our Prevent Package which elevates your organizations’s security levels to that of a Fortune 500 Company.

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Our Managed Services offer a wealth of great benefits. Here’s a brief snapshot of what our technicians are up to on a daily basis to keep our Managed Service Clients’ technology running smoothly, safely and consistently:

  • We monitor servers for functionality to prevent unexpected issues like a drive filling up causing bottlenecks in your workflow.
  • We monitor networks to ensure all of your equipment is up and running and that you always have internet connectivity.
  • Because “set it and forget it” backups are rarely up to date in a crisis, we monitor daily/weekly backups and antivirus alerts, allowing us to quickly take action in the event of a viral attack.
  • We monitor patch and system updates and provide proactive maintenance to ensure nothing “breaks” or is compromised.

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Fall tech announcement season is upon us and Amazon didn’t waste any time announcing their next big hardware event! Details are few so far, but Amazon has said that they will “share some new things from the Amazon Devices and Services team,”. We can probably anticipate seeing new Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV-related hardware announcements. Considering everything that was introduced in 2018 during the same event, we’re hoping there will be a lot to get excited about. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this event!

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