Summer Break in Times of Quarantine

Summer Break in Times of QuarantineWe’ve been at this a while, right? Now it’s summer break, the kids are home & you still have to get work done. We get it! Here are some tech tips to help:

  1. Technology is your new BFF! Kids are social creatures! Cut yourself some slack on screen time limits. Have your kids connect with friends & family online. Grandparents can read to your child on FaceTime. A Zoom playdate can turn into all kinds of silliness. Older kids can help with science or math too!
  2. With extra screen time comes more sitting still. If you can, get them outside to move around & get some sun! Can’t go outside? Here are a few suggestions.
    1. Go Noodle
    2. Yoga for Kids
    3. Get Kids Moving
  3. Teach your kids about online safety in an age-appropriate way. Here are some suggestions:
    1. Never give out personal information or share passwords
    2. Do not click on links without an adult’s permission
    3. Do not download anything without an adult’s permission
    4. And these five ways to protect your kids online! (and don’t forget to protect yourself too!)

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