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Simplify Calling into Conference Calls with this Simple iPhone Tip

Simplify Calling into Conference Calls with this Simple iPhone Tip

Dialing into conference calls can be a real hassle, especially when you’re on the go and have to punch in an access code in addition to the phone number. We’ve found these iOS tips to be a real time saver!

  • If your conference call has already been made into an “event,” and you’ve accepted the event, you can access the phone number and access code tied to the call from your Calendar app. At the bottom of your calendar event, select “Show All Notes” to view and edit the phone number and access code.December-Tech-Tip-Screen-Shot-3
  • When creating a calendar event for your own conference call, enter in the conference call phone number and access code in the location field of your calendar event in your iPhone.
  • Separate the two numbers with a semi-colon (e.g.: “phone number;access code”)December-Tech-Tip-Screen-Shot-1
  • When it’s time to dial in to your conference call, tap the phone number from the calendar event, and the access code will be carried over to your call (you’ll see it in the bottom lefthand corner).December-Tech-Tip-Screen-Shot-2
  • When you’re prompted to enter the access code, tap the code (“Dial #####”) in the bottom lefthand corner.
  • You will automatically join the conference call.

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December 2015 Edition

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