Remain Vigilant!

By now we’re all pretty savvy when it comes to recognizing a scam but remain vigilant! The “bad guys” are savvy too, particularly in the midst of this COVID 19 pandemic. Practice extra caution with calls from unrecognized phone numbers and “too good to be true”  or suspicious email offers. Especially links contained within those emails.

Read these digital protection resources from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

TIP! To see the source of a link in an email, hover your cursor over it. If the source that pops up looks suspicious, do not click on it! An example of what might be suspicious is an email from Target that looks legitimate and has a link in the body of the email. When you hover over it, the source says Notice the i rather than e in the URL? That’s not a safe link to click! The email address that the message came from is also likely spelled wrong, only ever so slightly. 


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