Network Share and Power Outages – Decypher Tech Tips, June 2016


We want to keep you informed with the latest technology tips, so we’re sharing the information we’ve found most helpful this month about Network Share, printing and scanning, and how to deal with power outages.

Network Share:

  • When opening a file in network share, you may get an error message that the file is locked when the preview pane in Windows Explorer is selected. Turning off the preview pane will unlock the file. If this happens on a server, you can unlock the file via the server. You can also use Group Policy to change the default view in Windows Explorer.

Printing & Scanning:

  • Scan to email is a common function found in most printers, but the implementation can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. More often than not, older models of business class machines (Xerox and Ricoh) have problems sending to newer mail servers. In these situations the best course of action is to scan to an email server you manage so that you can adjust these settings. If your environment has a server, IIS can be installed with minimal impact. Call Decypher for assistance with your server or scan to email settings.

Power-OutagesAsk Us About: Power Outages:
Have you suffered a recent power outage? Was your business affected by the outage? Ask us how you can protect your data and your business when the power goes out.

Our proactive safeguards include:

  • Virtualized server so you can work in the cloud
  • Cellular internet backup to keep you online
  • Regularly-performed backups so you don’t lose data when you lose power

Call Decypher today at 970.373.5428 to give you the peace of mind that comes with a customized disaster recovery plan.

If you have any questions about these tips or anything else related to your technology, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.


Farr Shepherd
President | Business Development Manager

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