Managed Services Team – Behind the Scenes


Our Managed Services offer a wealth of great benefits. Here’s a brief snapshot of what our technicians are up to on a daily basis to keep our Managed Service Clients’ technology running smoothly, safely and consistently:

  • We monitor servers for functionality to prevent unexpected issues like a drive filling up causing bottlenecks in your workflow.
  • We monitor networks to ensure all of your equipment is up and running and that you always have internet connectivity.
  • Because “set it and forget it” backups are rarely up to date in a crisis, we monitor daily/weekly backups and antivirus alerts, allowing us to quickly take action in the event of a viral attack.
  • We monitor patch and system updates and provide proactive maintenance to ensure nothing “breaks” or is compromised.

Would you like to know more? Call 855.808.6920 or email us and we’d be happy to share the details.


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