Equipment Lifespan – What You Can Do

equipment lifespan

Equipment Lifespan – What You Can Do

Tidy Equipment = Longer Lifespan
We often see messy equipment racks and offer to tidy them up for our clients. This isn’t just a cleanliness pet peeve – it serves an important purpose. When equipment is tidy and has enough breathing room (e.g., not stacked on other pieces of equipment), it stays cooler and is less likely to overheat with use, which can prolong its lifespan. Also, remember to remove dust buildup, which can increase airflow and lengthen equipment lifespan. It’s easier to support organized equipment, meaning less time billed to you for your service call. And it looks awesome!

Dropbox Link Sharing
When sharing a Dropbox folder by generating a link, the link will remain active for multiple uses. If you share a specific file from your Dropbox via link, the link expires after it’s clicked the first time. If you want to share a file or folder but don’t want others to make changes to the documents, you can also give view-only access to others with shared links.

.dmg Files on Mac
Have you noticed a bunch of .dmg files clogging the downloads folder on your Mac? These files, also called “disk image files,” are downloaded when you install software and are used to transfer the software to your computer. Once you have double clicked the file and followed installation instructions for your software, make sure the software is copied over to your Applications folder; then you can delete the .dmg file. You can read more about these files and how they work here.

Data Recovery for Android and iPhone
iMobie’s PhoneRescue software is a great tool to try if you have lost data on your iPhone or Android phone. This software retrieves photos, messages, and contacts, and can even fix iOS crashes and try to revive your iPhone. They offer both a free and paid version and have a 60-day money back guarantee.

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