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Decypher-Tech-TipsWe want to keep you informed with the latest technology tips, so we’re sharing information from our technical meetings that we’ve found most helpful this month.


Sometimes mistakes happen when updating your website and for whatever reason the Internet Records (DNS) that tell people how to send you mail or get to your website get deleted. If you don’t have a record of what these used to be, don’t fret. DNSTrails.com allows you to reference what these records were on a certain date.

CES 2017:

Have you checked out the newest products featured at the Consumer Electronics Show this year? From laptops, drones and tv’s to quirkier entries, check out Engadget’s Best Of CES 2017 recap.

HP Scanning:

Mac OS Sierra – With everyone upgrading to Mac OS Sierra we’ve discovered that the old HP Scan software (the downloadable suite with scan software and the scan software that comes with the CD) does not work for the common multifunction printers. There are two replacement options available:

  1. You can use the built-in scan feature available in System Preferences – Printers & Faxes, or
  2. You can download HP Easy Scan

Both of these work well, so we recommend going with the user’s preference.

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Farr Shepherd
President | Business Development Manager

February 2017 edition

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