Digital Safety Tips

By now, we’re all a bit coronavirus weary–maybe even a bit anxious to find out how things are progressing as states and businesses begin to re-open. There are endless offerings of websites, apps, news stories, etc. to stay current. Now more than ever, it is critical to exercise caution in your consumption of news. There is a lot of malicious information on the internet, exploiting an already-tense situation. Here are some tips to help keep yourself safe in your digital space:

  1. Do your research! If you want to download a COVID19 tracking app – or any app for that matter – find out if it’s a legitimate download. This one in particular is very informative (and safe to click on)! However, someone has created a mimic of the tracker app containing Malware that if downloaded, will steal credentials and other personal data. If an app or website asks you to download something, be wary.
  2. Hover over hyperlinks to view their source. Example: You get an email with a link to an interesting article headline in the South Florida Sun Sentinel. You hover your cursor over the link and the URL says Then you look up the actual publication online and the real website is Do you see the difference? Hackers will make very subtle differences in malicious links. Had you clicked on the link in the email, you likely would have compromised your data.  
  3. If you receive a suspicious email do NOT click on any links, nor share personal information. Cybercriminals are counting our eagerness for information during this pandemic. See tip #2!

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