Cybersecurity & Russia, iPhone Charging, and more…

Cybersecurity & Russia, iPhone Charging, and more…

Keyboard on Windows
If you tend to accidentally press keys on your keyboard (perhaps due to hand tremors), “Filter Keys” can be enabled on Windows to slow down the key response so mistyped or repeated keystrokes don’t register. This accessibility feature doesn’t seem to affect regular typing.

Outlook Calendars
You can merge calendar views in Outlook. Select multiple calendars in Outlook and then a left-pointing arrow shows up next to the additional calendars. Clicking the arrow enables “overlay” mode, which shows all calendars as one. The left-pointing arrow then becomes a right-pointing arrow, which reverts the view back to “side-by-side” mode when clicked.

cybersecurity and russiaCybersecurity and Russia
Russia appears to be increasing malicious hacking, so stay vigilant when it comes to passwords, suspicious links and websites. Reset your router and update your firewall, since there is a new vulnerability to Russian malware in some routers. If a breach occurs and your customer’s data is affected, your business may be liable for the breach and any stolen information. Please reach out to us for assistance at 855.808.6920.

Keep Your Printer Awake
If your printer automatically turns off when not in use, plug in a CAT5 cable – even if it’s a wireless printer – so that it will continue to see activity and remain active when you need it.

Problems Charging Your iPhone?
If your iPhone is not charging properly, check the phone’s charging port for lint buildup. Continually putting your phone in your pocket can cause a buildup of lint over time, and it needs to be cleaned out occasionally to make sure the phone is properly charging. We recommend doing this carefully with a bent paper clip.

If you have any questions about these tips or any other technology questions, please reach out to us at 855.808.6920, or contact us today.

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