Cyber-Safety & Working From Home

Cyber-criminals are beginning to use Coronavirus and COVID 19 as subject lines in phishing scam emails. Use extra caution with emails from an unknown source. Here are some helpful tips to keep yourself out of cyber-harm’s way.

  1. Use work devices only for work. Use a personal device for personal use such as checking in on Instagram, online banking, school work, etc.
  2. If you are wary of a link in an email, hover your cursor over the link and the source information will appear.
  3. Make sure all anti-virus software is current. Call us to find out how we can support your business with cybersecurity 855.808.6920
  4. Be sure to disconnect your VPN after use. This will improve your browsing speed, reduce computer overhead and is best practice for your company’s security.
  5. Updates to applications and operating systems contain security updates. Keep it current!
  6. Use a complex password for your home Wi-Fi connection. Here are some password generator options to explore.
  7. Back up your data. Even the most secure antivirus software can be compromised.
  8. Contact Decypher Technologies to find out more about how your business and work-from-home staff can benefit from Managed Security Services.

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