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Between school & work, most of us are spending a lot of time on Zoom these days. Here are some useful tips to try out in your meetings.

Zoom Filters
Start a new meeting and look to the bottom left corner to find the “Start/Stop Video” icon. Click on the up arrow & select “Video Settings”.


Check the “Touch up my appearance” box and experiment with the slider bar to see what works best for you:


Mute Audio & Camera off as default –
While working from home, there’s always the possibility for unexpected sights or sounds to pop up just as you’re logging on to a meeting. If you have kids at home during work hours, this tip is definitely for you. Go to the same “Settings” as in the first tip but here you will navigate to “Audio” in the left column. Scroll down to “Mute my mic when joining a meeting”. Here, you can also enable the “Press and hold Space Key to temporarily unmute” function.


Navigate back to the left column, click on “Video” and check the box that says, “Turn off my video when joining a meeting”. You can always manually enable to mic and video during the meeting, but this tip prevents any un-intended mishaps!


Keyboard Shortcuts
Zoom has a seemingly endless selection of keyboard shortcuts. To explore them, go back to your “Settings” and in the left column, click on “Keyboard Shortcuts”. Here you can review them and find what’s useful to you.

Here are two that we use often:

  • CMD/Control SHIFT V – Camera on/off
  • CMD/Control SHIFT A – Microphone Audio on/off

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