The Easiest Way to Protect Yourself from Cybersecurity Threats

The Easiest Way to Protect Yourself from Cybersecurity Threats

cybersecurityThe Best and Easiest Protection Solution Available to You
The best way to prevent breaches is to deploy multi-factor authentication or two-factor authentication (MFA or 2FA). This process is akin to entering your PIN number when you use your debit card – it requires an additional piece of information to supplement your password and to make sure you are the one logging in. Decypher is deploying two-factor authentication company-wide and recommending it to all our clients. Using multi-factor authentication is the easiest, most cost-effective way to keep your accounts and information secure. Call us at 855.808.6920 for help setting up two-factor authentication, or to learn more about other cost-effective ways to protect yourself from the latest cybersecurity threats.

Design Changes = Domino Effect
Make sure to coordinate your website and domain name changes with your IT team, not just your web developer, to avoid email down-time and ensure you’re always able to view your website. We see these problems happen a few times a year at least.

Another Added Benefit for Managed Service Clients
Decypher is continuing to improve our protective offerings for our managed service clients by investing in new enhanced security solutions. One such solution allows us to set computer user accounts as “standard users” rather than “administrative users” (which is MUCH more secure), while being able to quickly allow end users to install legitimate software without calls to the Help Desk. This new offering is provided at no additional cost to our managed service clients. If you’re not a managed service customer yet, why not take advantage of this and many other benefits of a managed service plan? Check out the differences between break/fix and managed service IT support, and give us a call if you have any questions at 855.808.6920.

Repairing Microsoft Office
Never perform an online repair of Microsoft Office as this usually causes more problems than it solves. Either perform the “quick repair,” or uninstall and reinstall Office. When reinstalling Office, make sure you have the product key. Starting with Office 2013, retail versions forced you to activate your installation with an email account, so you also need access to that email account in order to re-activate Office.

If you have any questions about these tips or any other technology questions, please reach out to us at 855.808.6920, or contact us today.

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