Split-Screen Tips


Working while traveling can be frustrating when you don’t have that beloved second monitor to utilize. This tip can help!

On a PC while you have at least two applications, files or individual web pages open, left-click the mouse to “grab” one of the windows or files and drag it to the side of the screen that you want it to open. It will auto-resize to fill that half of the screen. With the other file that you see and want to use, repeat the steps but drag to the opposite side of the screen. You did it!

Doing this on a Mac is very similar. Open multiple files as described in the PC instructions. Click and hold for a second or two on the green “maximize” button at the top left of one of the windows.

When you release your mouse click, you will see the screen split into two halves, pushing the window you clicked on to one half of your screen. You will also see the other open windows scatter on the opposite side of your screen. Select the window you want on the scattered side and it will expand to fill the other half of your screen.

Now you have two screens to work on, side-by-side. Simply hit Escape to exit this mode.

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