Scanning on the go

Scanning on the go

We’ve all been there–out of the office for a meeting or traveling for work and you need to scan and save something to review later. Read about our top picks for mobile apps below.

ADOBE SCAN (Android and iOS)
Adobe Scan is the best tool if you must have a PDF as an end product. You can capture business cards, forms, documents etc. as high quality, fully editable PDF documents.

You may have heard of the popular note taking service called Evernote. Its scanning app called Scannable recognizes text and captures the same types of documents as Adobe Scan but its business card feature is unique. It recognizes fields such as phone numbers and email addresses so you can save it to your phone as a contact.

CamScanner covers everything that Adobe Scan and Scannable does. Its differentiator is that it automatically organizes every snap you take into types–business cards, documents, receipts, etc. Your digital personal assistant!


February 2020 edition

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