post-hurricane support

Post-Hurricane Support and Recovery

Post-Hurricane Support and Recovery

We’re thinking of all those affected by recent hurricanes that impacted the U.S. and the Caribbean. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help recover your technology or data.

post-hurricane supportWere you affected by hurricanes Harvey or Irma? Are you bracing for Jose, or the next storms in the forecast? Unfortunately, many of our clients have been affected by these natural disasters. We can learn a lot from these events, and these lessons can lead to practical steps we can take to recover your data and protect your technology in the future. Let us conduct a post-hurricane assessment to evaluate the damage and help with your technology now. In addition, Decypher is experienced at building disaster preparedness plans for organizations, so let us help you prepare for the next major threat to your business. Read on for our practical tips for the future and steps you can take right now…

If your servers or computers were impacted by flooding, we can send off components to a trusted data-recovery partner and attempt to recover some or all of your data. Our partners have a 95% success rate at recovering data, so we recommend trying to recover what was lost rather than assuming it can’t be done.

The business community is often most impacted by being offline for days or weeks at a time due to loss of power. Business continuity is vital to keep your business “open,” even during a disaster. With a business continuity strategy, we can help you stay online, even during an extended power outage. Keeping your business running during a blackout could help you minimize lost sales. Decypher is happy to say that none of our clients in south Florida were offline during the hurricane. If you’d like to find out how we can do that for your business, let us know

To prepare for the next natural disaster, let us help you with an action plan to safeguard your business. With a disaster plan, we’ll help minimize future impact by mapping out emergency exits, planning an evacuation strategy, and outlining practical steps to protect your technology. Contact us for more details on how this custom plan can help your business to be prepared for anything.

Hurricanes and other natural disasters can be a good lesson in preparedness if we use them to learn. Let us know if there’s anything we can do now to help you recover, or to put a plan in place to face the future with greater certainty. Call us today at 970.373.5428, or reach out to us through our contact form.

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