How Wireless Spectrum Analyzation can Improve Your Network…

At Decypher, we pride ourselves on designing reliable and fast wireless networks. But many of our clients have never heard of our spectrum analyzation services. Spectrum analyzation takes our ability to create the best wireless networks to the next level. Our certified wireless engineer is trained on the Fluke AirMagnet spectrum analyzer, which we use to design, test and troubleshoot wireless networks. Our detailed analyzation report will show you a map of your property that includes information such as: Wireless Icon 2

  • Wireless signal strength
  • Channel overlap
  • WiFi interference
  • Estimated speed/throughput
  • and much more…

Decypher can provide a passive and active WiFi report, prepare a wireless design before you deploy, or troubleshoot your wireless after it has been installed. The analyzation reports helps us pinpoint your network’s problems and create a solution custom-built for you. To make sure that your wireless system is performing at its absolute best, contact Decypher today at 970-544-9700.

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  1. Wow, this sounds like something my boss needs to hear about! He has been complaining about slow internet for some time now. Maybe a spectrum analyst could help bring our Internet speed and productivity up!

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