How to know if your Company is Vulnerable to Attacks

patch-managementOnline safety is crucial for any business, and neglecting to take the necessary precautions to protect your company from malicious online threats can lead to severe consequences for you and your customers. Cyber crimes can cost businesses up to 1.33 billion dollars annually, which can significantly disrupt your company’s financial plans. Therefore, ensuring your company is prepared to face these attacks is essential. To do that, you need to assess your current level of vulnerability. 

So, how can you determine if your company is at risk of cyber-attacks? Look out for these behaviors that could be putting your company in danger.

Out of Date Malware Protection
Using outdated anti-virus software can make your network vulnerable to malware and viruses. Cybercriminals are always coming up with new ways to breach firewalls, so businesses must update their software regularly to effectively combat online threats.

Weak Passwords
Are the passwords used by your team strong enough to keep out cybercriminals and strangers? Weak passwords are like leaving your front door unlocked. All it takes is one person who wants to get in, and your security is compromised. Even some of the largest companies in the world still use weak passwords like “12345”. If it’s not safe for a home computer, it’s not safe for professional systems that store the personal information of customers, employees, and clients. 

Strong passwords are crucial for cyber security, and creating lazy passwords can harm a business’s online safety.

Believing You Are “Too Small” to Target
Cybersecurity attacks can happen to any business, regardless of its size. Believing that your business is immune to cyber-attacks because it is not a large corporation is a dangerous assumption. Apathy is one of the biggest challenges companies face today, and cybersecurity companies are well aware of this. It is crucial for your business to always be prepared to avoid a catastrophic cyber-attack.

There are several ways to determine if your company is at risk of a destructive cyber-attack, but the list is not exhaustive. If you need more information about your company’s safety, please contact our Technology Advisor team at 855.808.6920. We are here to help protect your network and safeguard your company’s most valuable assets.

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