DAS Cellular Installation

Man using his cell phoneIf you’ve ever experienced dropped calls or lack of service inside a building, then you can understand the importance of DAS. Distributed Antenna Systems are intended to extend and enhance wireless communication within structures. At Decypher Technologies, we specialize in designing and implementing optimized DAS so your business can benefit from wireless technology.

Distributed antenna system or DAS helps provide better cellular service wherever there are isolated drops in coverage. A DAS system installation includes signal boosters that can provide full coverage and service in large buildings, warehouses, and apartment complexes.

During the 9/11 catastrophe, many first responders could not communicate with each other because of the obstructions caused by the enormous towers. Laws regarding radio and cellular coverage changed after this and DAS emerged as a technology and network system alternative which would provide fuller coverage of signals to prevent any drops in cell calls or other wireless communication devices.

Most laws are regarding first responder coverage but many large companies and businesses see the need for DAS cellular system installations. They will help workers do their jobs more efficiently and with fewer drops in communication or tiresome switches to areas outside the workplace where they can get the cellular signal they need.

DAS works in two basic ways. It helps strengthen the signal strength and signal quality. If you’re building is suffering from poor quality “often showed by the bars on a cell phone “it is time to consider upgrading to an interior network.

A DAS network can resolve this issue and get you and your clients or customers the clear, strong cellular connections they depend on. No one expects an emergency, but in the event that one was to occur in your business, this system could save lives.

The first step is to get a site survey by experts in DAS cellular installation. These engineers will explore the site to see what it needs. They have the same tools and testing equipment large cellular carriers have and will measure how much more your signal needs to be boosted.

Once the problem with service and quality is determined the installation crew will make an entire custom system that will fit the building and will allow easy installation. They work with cell carriers and public safety to find out how well the proposed network and equipment will work to deliver the needed service. The installation is done on site and on time.

The team at Decypher Technologies has the experience to ensure proper signal boosting with the best equipment. They have plenty of design and installation experience in installing systems in buildings of all sizes and types including retail businesses, industrial facilities, hospitals and more.