Chromebook Tips

Try these useful tips for more efficient use of your Chromebook. 

  1. Pin frequently used files – For files that you need to come back to frequently, pin them to the shelf. Open the Files app and right click on the file you wish to pin, and select Pin to shelf. Access pinned files can be found by clicking on the icon to the left of the Quick Setting button.
  2. Clipboard History – A keyboard shortcut you may not be familiar with is Search+V. This one will show you the last 5 items copied or cut to the clipboard. To paste any of them, just click on them or click on x to remove completely.
  3. Night Light – This built in feature reduces eye strain buy making your display appear “warmer”. To test it, click the time in the bottom right corner. When the Quick Settings panel appears, choose or schedule Night Light. You can also access this in the main Settings under Device and Displays.
  4. Read Aloud Text – Again, click the time in the bottom right corner. Select Accessibility and then Select to Speak. Select the text that you’d like to be read out loud by holding down the Search button and clicking/dragging. You can also do this by clicking on the Select to Speak button in the shelf and then highlight your selection.
  5. Scan QR Codes – Open your camera app and look for a small QR code icon. Click the icon to open the scanner and it will show you where to line up the code you want to scan.

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