benefits of cloud based phone systems

The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone System

benefits of a cloud based phone systemAntique. Dinosaur. Archaic. Have you or your team ever used these words to describe your organization’s phone system? If so, a change is probably long overdue. But is it really worth it to upgrade to a cloud-based phone system? The answer is…YES!

If your current phone system is dated, you may not even realize what you’re missing. The newest phone systems are cloud-based, easy-to-use, customizable, and scalable, leading to a cost-effective solution that can absolutely save your company time and money, not to mention increase productivity. Here, we’ll explain some of the benefits of cloud-based phone systems.

The Cloud

What is the cloud, and why does your phone’s system live there? The cloud simply refers to a place on the Internet where you can save things, or where you can access certain tools and functions online. A cloud-based phone system provides service via the internet, with the ability for all phones on the system to be accessed online. Instead of being plugged into a landline, phones are plugged into your internet connection, and some even operate wirelessly. Skipping the phone provider and using the internet can be a cost-effective solution.

The Benefits

A cloud-based phone system provides many benefits, especially for a growing business. If your organization is fast-moving and dynamic, a cloud-based phone system is especially beneficial, since new phones can be added easily to grow with your company. Also, phone groupings can be arranged how you see fit, and rearranged easily when changes need to be made. This means that the right people are getting the right calls, so the system is fully customizable. A cloud-based phone system is a truly scalable solution for a business of any size. Even if the phone “system” is just one phone, there exists the option to grow seamlessly in the future.

Transferring calls between locations, forwarding calls to a different phone or number, and checking voicemails via email are all easier with a cloud-based phone. Direct-dial phone numbers can ring your desk phone, and if unanswered, be programmed to ring directly to your cell phone, without the caller knowing your mobile number. You can set hours for call-forwarding so you are always on-call, or only at certain times. And because cloud-based phones are simpler to program and easier to use, your team will spend less time learning the phone system and more time working.

Considering upgrading to a cloud-based phone system is a smart move for your business. Let us know what your organization’s needs are, and we’ll be happy to help you find the best solution. Also, take full advantage of the cloud by using the best cloud services.

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