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This award means so much to the team because it acknowledges how hard we work to go above and beyond for our customers every single day. It shows that a company based in a small, Western Colorado town can compete with any major metro-area tech company. Because our team loves coming to work every day is why our customers feel the way they do about our service. We are humbled by the recognition from our voters and we heartily thank you!

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Managed is Like Having an Entire IT Department on Staff 24/7

Do you often blow your IT budget on unexpected technology roadblocks? You could likely benefit from a Managed Service plan, saving you time and money to focus on what's important. You'll have fixed IT costs you can budget for, and increased reliability that comes with preventative maintenance. This gives you peace of mind that comes from knowing your technology is in the right hands, 24/7/365. And if you run a 24/7 business, a managed service plan means access to support when you need it.

Managed Security Services

Are your business and technology armed against the latest cybersecurity threats, constantly updated, and monitored for vulnerabilities? From desktops, tablets and mobile devices to printers, servers, and networks, let Decypher secure your technology and keep it up-to-date, all with a fixed monthly subscription. Never wonder, "when's the last time I updated?" again. With state-of-the-art, constantly up-to-date network security, data protection, breach prevention, and collaboration, you won't even have to think about it.

Illustration of how managed security service work in an office building

Planning For The Future

If your business is growing rapidly, or you expect to add new members at a steady pace, a Managed Service plan could be right for you. Prepare for the future now by implementing a Managed Service plan, so your IT support will grow with you. Since Managed Service plans are billed based on the number of computers, the plan scales according to your company's growth, never placing a heavier burden on you now. This scalable solution is an investment in the future of your business, and IT becomes a strategic component of your company.

Illustration of how Manged IT Services work in a residential application

Managed Residential Services

Managed Services aren't just for businesses. Residences of any size that require enterprise-level support are great candidates for a Managed Service plan, and luxury households can especially benefit. If you need to be able to run your business with no downtime from your primary residence or vacation home, our Managed Service plan will keep you connected, secure and up-to-date for a flat monthly fee. Having the ability to get as much work done at home as at the office provides the ultimate in flexibility and work-life balance. And if you have multiple technology "power users," each person can enjoy fast support and setup for all their devices.

Up-To-Date Equipment: Less Risk, Higher Productivity

Continually investing in the newest and best equipment can add up over time, and requires large portions of valuable capital. Why not let a Managed Service plan do the heavy lifting? Our plans include fully managed hardware solutions and the latest software at a low monthly fee, so you can stay up-to-date easily – which is half the battle when it comes to keeping your systems secure. You'll have the latest and greatest versions of software for your team. And if anything goes wrong with your equipment, we'll replace it at no additional cost to you. Including your equipment in a Managed Service subscription means you'll free up more of your budget for your home or business. What would you do with the extra padding in your financial plan?

Managed Services at your Point of Sale

Whether your business is large or small, retail or restaurant (and everything in between), our Managed Services will take the headache out of running your operation and managing its technology. Cameras not only keep an eye on your customers and assets – analytic technology can tell you where your customers are spending most of their time, giving you practical data you can use to improve your sales. Digital signage grabs potential customers' attention and gets them through the door, while informing their choices with the most up-to-date information. Keep your guests entertained and connected with technology and a network you don't have to think about, and manage payments and sales effortlessly. That's the ease and dependability of Managed Service for business.

Illustration of point of sale system support for retail businesses.

Managed Services vs. Break-Fix IT Support

Break-fix IT support has its place, but is it the right model for you? With this model, a piece of technology is only "fixed" when it breaks, with little-to-no preventive action or maintenance. This could be likened to driving your car without ever changing the oil, only bringing it into the repair shop when it breaks. However, many customers would benefit from Managed Services, as it offers long-term preventive and as-needed IT support. Managed Services is like having premium car insurance for your luxury car – which includes regular tune-ups and repairs of any damage, and better protects your investment. This can be easier on the wallet, especially for a large organization or household, as it helps prevent problems before they occur, and includes support for when problems do arise. For many, more certainty and control over IT costs is a key benefit to a Managed Service plan.

Hospital worker opening the door to a room

Managed Hospitality Services

Hotels, Residence Clubs and resorts have specific technology needs, and we have the experience and expertise to provide support for these unique business models. We support dozens of luxury properties around the world, so we know how vital it is that WiFi, cellular, digital keycards, cameras, and workstations are up and running at all times. Decypher has experience in property transitions, working tirelessly to re-brand the property while guests have a sound night's sleep. Hospitality is a 24/7 business, so our team offers expanded hours with our coast-to-coast coverage that you will not find with our competitors. Guests who are happy with a resort's technology leave positive reviews, leading to increased bookings and revenue.

Prioritized Support

What does faster support mean to you? With an MSA, we include a Service Level Agreement (SLA), guaranteeing that when issues arise, we have a plan to provide you support within a pre-defined, priority timeframe. Managed Service subscribers' service tickets are prioritized over break-fix customers. If you value faster service and support, a Managed Service plan is right for you.

IT support desk staff on the phone helping a customer with and IT issue

Why Us for Aspen IT Consulting?

About Us

Farr Shepherd founded Decypher Technologies in 2003 to provide the best technical solutions and client service to the Rocky Mountain region. Over 14 years later, Decypher has grown to serve diverse clients nationwide, with over 40 employees and four locations.

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HOTEL TEATRO As a hotel operator, it's nice to have a partner in Decypher. We're a small hotel, but still a complicated business with lots of technology and moving parts. Our ability to lean on Decypher to help us with day-to-day operations and large projects ensures the hotel operates with confidence in our IT capabilities. Decypher has a great team in place, and they are a true pleasure to have as our IT vendor. David Coonan, General Manager GRAND JUNCTION PIPE & SUPPLY Your technicians were professional, respectful, personable and knowledgeable. I witnessed them in a perfect scenario and in a not-so-perfect scenario. The not-so-perfect scenarios are when you see the true colors of an organization. When I called, there was a live person; when I emailed requesting info, it was delivered within 24 hours. You guys are amazing, and you make what I do easier! Tanya Myers, Technical Services Manager TIMBERS JUPITER Decypher Technologies has been wonderful for us over the last 2.5 years in Jupiter. The support is consistent and comprehensive, and I feel that our IT environment is always in the best of hands. The Decypher project and development team provides real solutions, and helps us research and negotiate accounts with third parties. Thank you for all you do for us at Timbers Jupiter. Jesse Geremia, General Manager VALLEY VIEW HOSPITAL Working with Decypher has been a great experience. Their team is knowledgeable, intuitive and passionate about what they do. They took the time necessary to truly study not only our technical environment, but our business culture as well. We appreciate the open lines of communication between our team and the ongoing collaboration. We’re thrilled to have identified such a strong partner here in the Valley! Deborah Daberkow, Director of Technical Services CIRCLE R RANCH We are very happy with our 10+ year partnership with Decypher. Decypher designed and maintains our network infrastructure, which includes 10 homes on a ranch that spans over two miles. They have been responsive to our needs and have demonstrated a high level of technical competence as well. We would happily recommend them to any other business considering utilizing their services. Jay Yeary, Ranch Manager LORO PIANA Having to deal with vendors that are fixing problems out-of-state can be difficult at best. I gave Decypher Technologies a call, and within five minutes they knew exactly what the problem was and had put together a plan of attack. Thanks to them I was saved the trouble of dealing with the local telephone company, and also saved from flying out there myself. They were a huge help and a valuable asset. Aaron Martin TIMBERS RESORTS We had an immediate need for an IT specialist to assess the health, security and overall structure of our networks. Decypher Technologies was able to react quickly and provided us with the information and solutions we needed to move forward in the most efficient manner. They were a pleasure to work with and gave us the peace of mind that only comes from working with true professionals. Lance Thompson, Managing Director of Hospitality
AAA SELF STORAGE Decypher Technologies has always been there for me. My business depends on the technology that Decypher has recommended and installed for our daily cash flow needs, so any interruption in service can have dire consequences. I am happy to state that if I ever have a problem (which is very rare), Decypher promptly gets me up and running again. Thank you, Decypher – you will always have my highest recommendation! TJ Conners, Owner & Manager


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