Worried About Security? Let Us Manage It Automatically With Patch Management

patch-managementAs your managed services provider, your security is always our top priority. That’s why we offer an automatic, hassle-free patch management schedule to our clients. It’s important to keep your systems up-to-date with the most current security patches available, and by implementing a patch management schedule, we can do this with no interruption to your work day.

Here’s what we need to perform automatic patch management:

Please choose a day and time, preferably after 5:00 PM, Monday-Thursday, to schedule your patch management. Once scheduled, patches will automatically be deployed once a week to all workstations and/or servers connected to your network. Please note, if the workstation or server is not connected to the network, the patch will not be automatically pushed to this device. We are able to set an alert for devices that miss the schedule and can notify the end user after three incidents, if requested.

If you have any questions about how you can benefit from patch management, please contact your account manager or call us at 970.373.5428. Otherwise, we look forward to receiving your requested day and time to start your patch management schedule.

-The Decypher Technologies Team

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