What are Cellular DAS services, and why do you need them?

In today's modern times, we rely on a stable cellular connection for pretty much everything. We need our smartphones to connect with the world. Be it for messages, calls, accessing the internet for ordering food, clothes, or even as means of our entertainment to watch videos online. 

Quite simply, we can count cellular connectivity among the basic amenities of modern times. Considering all the incredible technological advancements, one might think that they are ensured of a perfectly consistent cellular connectivity in each nook and corner of the country.

Is network coverage is still a problem today?

However, that isn't always the case. Improper network coverage is still a problem to this day. The weak and erratic cellular connection can be there one moment and make a disappearing act the very next. These unwanted and unwarranted happenings can prove costly on both personal and professional fronts. 

Imagine being late for an important business meeting, or a job interview, or even a date. In such a scenario, smartphones are the only means to get your message through to the other party. Your whole world rests on the signal strength of your network provider. No matter how big or small the consequences of the events, one simply wouldn't want to be in any crisis due to such trivial reasons. 

Cellular Antenna on top of office buildingThere can be various reasons for poor cellular reception, but we have one - Cellular DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) for a solution. Quite simply, these are the infrastructure that helps augment the cellular network and ensure healthy and stable cellular connectivity. This ultimately results in enhanced voice connectivity and internet connectivity within the ambit of your building and estate.

The DAS receives cellular signal from your network provider and distributes it across the chain of antenna receivers to provide uninterrupted coverage across your property just as you desire. Generally, DAS antennas are compatible with bands of all types. Everything from GSM, CDMA, LTE, VoLTE networks can be amplified to ensure 

Why Do You Need Cellular DAS?

To answer that straight away, you need Cellular DAS to improve the network coverage in your building premises. Like we mentioned above, dead zones are a common sight even today. You can think of Dead Zones as the haunted end of a specific building where even the cellular network does not dare make its existence felt.

Our over 20 years as a Cellular DAS Company have helped us realize that "one shoe fits all" won't always be an actionable or sustainable approach, especially when the clients' needs are unique and need to be tackled appropriately. Thus, we tend to deliver our DAS services for all intents and purposes as mentioned below -

  1. Public Safety Measures

    The Government relies on large commercial buildings for establishing cellular connectivity infrastructure to ensure connectivity with various public safety personnel - be it the local fire station, hospitals, or police correspondents. So, a Distributed Antenna System in one or the other ways is a necessity if you plan to set up a commercial mall or a business tower. The DAS infrastructure helps ensure a stable network coverage that can prove to be of utmost significance for the employees in the same building who are caught in a sensitive situation. While on the other hand, the same essentially helps public servants who are required to dispatch immediate help in testing situations where time is of the essence. 

  2. DAS For Hospitality Industry

    If you are a business operating in the broad field of hospitality, which means you own, manage either of the following establishments such as - hotels, restaurants, theme parks, banquet halls, wedding halls, etc. The digitization in contemporary times has helped new age travelers keep themselves updated with all the latest occurring locations they are visiting and get a glimpse of the map to plan their itinerary better. Then, social media influencers are virtually connected to their followers through these platforms, regularly posting updates about their stay. Any interruption in connection with their fans could cause huge problems that could affect their business. Their bad reviews can bring shame to their business, and you can fall behind in the race against your competitors.

  3. DAS For Commercial Property

    Commercial property such as shopping malls, stadiums, multiplexes, etc., suffer the most from irregular connectivity issues. Considering the amount of footfall these establishments see every day, cellular connection failures leave them feeling positive. Thus, a well laid out network of antennas should go a long distance in keeping any such incumbrances at bay. Also, since most transactions are digital, internet connectivity and cellular connectivity are critical parts of doing business in commercial spaces like shopping malls.

  4. DAS For Residential Property

    DAS isn't solely a requirement for large estates such as shopping malls, business towers, etc., but rather residential properties as well. The stories of having an excellent cellular connection in main rooms and a dead zone in the backyard are not anything new and unheard of. This patchy connection has been the plight of countless customers for many years. However, when you install a DAS, the network coverage will improve drastically; thus, you can use your smartphones, tablets from anywhere in your residential property without looking for a sweet spot for a stable cellular connection.

  5. DAS For Hospitals and Medical Centers

    The true importance of infallible network coverage can be told by the hospitals and medical centers. A slight delay in calls getting through to their intended receivers can prove the difference between life and death. The hospital staff, be it the medical first responders, nurses and doctors, rely heavily on getting the news of an emergency case and catering to visitors' needs at the earliest.  

When so much rides on our cellular connectivity, one can not run the risk of overlooking the persistent problem of patchy network coverage for long. If you also suffer from the above problem, we suggest Distributed Antenna Systems as the perfect solution.