Warning: Internet Explorer Is Not Secure

Internet Explorer Not Secure | Decypher by XssentialsAs if we needed yet another security threat to worry about, news is spreading that users of the popular Internet Explorer browser are vulnerable to serious security risks. The US Department of Homeland Security even advised that current users stop using the browser until the problem is fixed. The flaw apparently could allow attackers to use malware to steal personal information, gain control of users’ computers, or invade users’ privacy by tracking their online behavior.

This recent security crisis has been exacerbated by the fact that Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP (see our article What Windows XP End of Life Means For You). Windows XP users will not be able to implement any of the changes Microsoft is recommending. Whether you use Windows XP or not, your best bet is to stop using Internet Explorer for now and instead download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, which are not fraught with the same security risks as Internet Explorer. If you have any questions or concerns about your security online or you need assistance updating your Windows system, call us at 970-544-9700.

UPDATE: Microsoft has fixed the issue in Internet Explorer with a security update, even for Windows XP users (for now). To update your program, see this video and article from USA Today. If you have automatic updates enabled, your browser should have been updated.

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  1. sorry to say but if your using XP, defragmenting your hard drive won’t do aniynthg for your systems speed. The reason why is that XP saves everything on the hard drive fragmented thats how it works. If your using a FAT32 hard drive defragmenting will speed up the system but XP on a Sata hard drive will not.

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