Executive and Artistic Director, Film Nonprofit

Client News

We recently discovered that we had been hacked after receiving an email from our bank, which was completely unsuspecting of a breach. The hackers were inquiring about making a wire transfer over over $100K, and the email appeared to have come from me to our head of banking. It was when I saw her response to an email I never sent that we realized the breach had occurred. As a small, non-profit organization this would have been a devastating error. In crisis mode, a colleague referred us to Decypher Technologies.

The swift and expert response that we experienced, particularly from Farr, James and Ben was nothing short of phenomenal. Our technician Ben was able to quickly find out the extent of the breach and shut it down immediately.

Aspen Film recovered from this breach thanks to Decypher’s expert team. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome and were blown away by how fast and efficient the process was.