Executive Assistant, Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Firm

Jennifer Emig

We are a small, private business that does not have in-house IT help. We hired Decypher Technologies to assist us with our IT environment and cybersecurity in our office and for our remote staff. Decypher also supplies the hardware that our staff uses so if any issues do arise, their technicians step in and make sure everything is resolved quickly. We always experience a quick turn-around time, and they ensure we are well taken care. We never have to take the time to find a local repair service which is a real time and money saver!

It is also awesome speaking to a real human when we need technical support! Decypher doesn’t use confusing phone prompts or long holds with terrible music. When we call, someone answers the phone and makes sure we get the best assistance with our issues. Decypher’s team takes the time to explain everything they are doing in a way I can understand and they document every step so nothing is left unresolved.