Outlook calendar time zone

Telemarketers, Outlook and Password Tips

Telemarketers, Outlook and Password Tips

Outlook calendar time zonesOutlook Time Zone Tips
You can change Outlook’s settings to view a second time zone in Outlook Calendar. Just go to File – Options (or Outlook – Preferences on a Mac), and on the Calendar tab, under “time zones,” type a name for the current time zone in the Label box. In the time zone list, click the time zone that you want to use. On a Mac, select the second time zone you want to see in the dropdown menu.Outlook calendar time zones

This feature is especially useful if you often create calendar invites that include other time zones.

Expired Adobe Subscriptions
If someone in your organization has an expired subscription for an Adobe product, you need to call Adobe to have them remove the expired license. Expired licenses can cause issues when the subscription is allowed to lapse, and then you try to renew and aren’t able to. Then a new subscription is created, but the expired one prevents it from being used. Make sure to renew your Adobe subscriptions before they expire (Adobe will prompt you that your subscription will expire within 30 days). Remember that Decypher can manage your Adobe cloud account, keeping on top of renewals and expirations. If we don’t currently manage your Adobe cloud account and you are seeing a renewal notice when you log into Adobe, please notify us – this is a great opportunity for us to manage this for you. Call us at 855.808.6920 or contact us to help with your Adobe account.

The Best Password Length to Prevent Hacks
If you want to create a strong password that’s harder to crack, there’s a special number of characters you should aim for (at least). The minimum password length that can’t be easily guessed by hacking software is 12 characters. Aim for making this the minimum password length for all accounts.

telemarketers scamsTelemarketers and Scammers
If you get a telemarketing call, it’s safest not to speak or say anything if you must answer. Scammers can potentially record your voice and gather information on you, potentially reusing your voice signature to authorize fraudulent charges via phone. We think it’s best just to never answer calls from unknown numbers.

If you have any questions about these tips or any other technology questions, please reach out to us at 855.808.6920, or contact us today.

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