Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Southeastern, Florida near West Palm BeachDid you know that Palm Beach Gardens is known as the golf capital of the world? Home to about 50,000 people, the city is part of Palm Beach County. It is only one of the Palm Beaches, as there is West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, and more. Another nickname for the city is just ‘The Gardens.’ As its motto states, Palm Beach Gardens is a unique city in which to live, learn, work, and play.

The slogan can probably add vacationing to that list. There are 32 top-ranked attractions in the city. You would think that #1 wouldn’t be a mall but actually is. The Gardens Mall is quite impressive. The 1.4 million square foot facility features over 150 stores, many of the high-end boutiques. The mall is located at 3101 PGA Boulevard, and it is a great place to go shopping and hang out with the family.

Palm Beach Gardens Area

If you are in Palm Beach Gardens, you have to pay a visit to the Downtown Carousel. The kids will love riding the carousel, and everyone can grab some frozen yogurt while there as well. This attraction also puts you in the downtown area, which should be fun to explore. A historic carousel like this can turn back the clock, and it should be a fun adventure for the whole family. You can find the carousel at 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Avenue.

The Loxahatchee Slough Natural Area is also on PGA Boulevard and has an observation post. You can take in the magnificent views, and you can go for a hike. Reviews mention that people go hiking there for hours, meaning the place is quite large. There is a picnic table for when you want to sit down with the family and relax for a while or grab a bite to eat. This area is nature at its finest while being right in the middle of an urban environment.

Southeastern, FL near 33410Frenchman’s Forest Natural Area

Frenchman’s Forest Natural Area is another similar attraction, and its located on 12201 Prosperity Farms Road. The landscape is somewhat rough, but there are several walking trails. The park is said to be well-maintained. People report seeing quite a lot of wildlife there, including but not limited to eagles, owls, and foxes. It is also an excellent place for taking that nature-filled family photo while on vacation in Palm Beach Gardens.

Onessimo Fine Art is another place of interest in the city, and one thing it’s known for is glass art. Are you familiar with Romero Britto? The gallery features some of his paintings. There are also works from Picasso there as well. If you are looking to buy some art, there are pieces for sale that you can take home with you. Talk about a nice souvenir.

Palm Beach Gardens is one of the premier cities in the county. The culture there is full of luxurious living, and as you can tell, the locals enjoy being out in nature, too. Another motto for Palm Beach Gardens is ‘A Signature City,’ and you can definitely say that the PBG is a signature piece of this area of Southeast Florida.

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