Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach, Florida near West Palm BeachA 73-room mansion is one of the first attractions that you might want to visit when you travel to Palm Beach, FL. Doesn’t that sound exciting? There are quite a few places of interest in the town of Palm Beach, also nicknamed ‘The Island.’ Did you know that the city is one of the wealthiest places to live in America?

The 73-room mansion that awaits you is known as the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum. The museum is located off of Whitehall Way. There is an audio tour provided, and you can expect to see plenty of original pieces that once belonged to Flagler himself. The gardens are beautiful, the history of the area is fascinating, and you just don’t want to miss this #1 Palm Beach attraction.

Worth Avenue Area

Worth Avenue is another area of Palm Beach that you don’t want to miss. It is said to be similar to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. There are expensive shops to visit, great places to eat, and the area is supposed to be gorgeous. Renato’s is one of the famous restaurants along Worth Avenue. Be sure to take a stroll down both sides.

Do you like hiking trails? If so, Lake Trail is a great place to visit. Take a nice morning walk or even rent a bike to go for a ride. If you are going to rent a bike, the reviews say that the place to do that is right by another attraction, The White Hall Mansion. There are beautiful houses in this area, and you can even pack a picnic lunch and park yourself right by the ocean.

One of the landmark points of interest in Palm Beach is the Giant Kapok Tree. This landmark tree is enormous and beautiful, and it is located along South Lake Trail. You will find this tree over by the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum mentioned above. The Giant Kapok Tree is giant indeed, and it is a great place to take some pictures.

Phipps Ocean Park Area

Palm Beach, FL near 33480Phipps Ocean Park where to go if you want to check out the beach. The park is located at 2201 South Ocean Boulevard. There are grills and picnic tables at the park if you’re going to enjoy a barbecue. There is also a place called The Little Red Schoolhouse that is mentioned in the reviews. People say that the beach isn’t crowded, so it’s a great place to relax.

Sea Gull Cottage is located at 60 Coconut Row. It is also near the Flagler Museum, so you’ve got a lot to see just in this particular area. This adventure is free, but you don’t get to go inside the home. There is a walking trail there, and there are other older homes in this area of Palm Beach, too.

Palm Beach, FL makes for an adventurous vacation, doesn’t it? The Society of the Four Arts, and The Paramount Theater Building are other popular attractions in the town. You’re going to enjoy all the places you visit in the affluent city of Palm Beach.

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Frequently Asked Questions about IT Support in Palm Beach

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Q: What are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

A: Reactive versus Proactive is the biggest advantage between managed services and the IT services standard contract. When your systems fall, you call and the IT person comes and fixes them. That means your company is out of business until the technician gets there, diagnoses and fixes the problem.The IT partner is encouraged to keep your systems in operation under a Managed Services contract because the payment is flat. It actually costs them more money to send a Tech out so as to be able to anticipate problems affecting your business in opposition to a standard IT person, managed services partners perform proactive maintenance and monitoring. DecypherTech has a plan that covers your office needs, but usual management services are per-computer.