North Palm Beach, Florida

North Palm Beach, Florida near West Palm BeachThe village of North Palm Beach, FL is home to Jack Nicklaus. Did you know that? One of his signature golf courses is located in the town. It is one of South Florida’s best golf courses. North Palm Beach itself is primarily known for watersports, nature trails, wildlife, and for being host to the only state park in Palm Beach County.

John D. MacArthur State Park Area

John D. MacArthur State Park is a great place to rent a kayak and hit the ocean. You’re going to find the state park on Jack Nicklaus Drive of all areas. John D. MacArthur State Park is part of Singer Island, and it’s also a great place to go snorkeling. If you do decide to rent a kayak, you are able to reach the outer islands for further exploration. You might even see some sea turtles while you’re out and about.

Located at 148 Yacht Club Drive is a place called Palm Beach Sailing Charters. Would you like to charter a sailboat and take an adventure? Once you get out on the water, you get to go snorkeling. Also, you are going to see plenty of sea life. The man who is your guide goes by the name of Captain Jack. People mention that you get to take the wheel, or the helm, too.

South Florida Paddle Area

North Palm Beach, FL near 33404South Florida Paddle is an excellent place to contact if you want to rent a paddleboard. When you book an adventure with this company, you receive a guide. One of the main areas the guides like to take you, according to the reviews is the state park and Munyon Island. This paddleboard experience is a great way to see the area and get to know more about North Palm Beach, all while having loads of fun.

Would you like to learn how to dance? If you are just visiting the area, you might not have time to take a dance class, at least consistently. If you do have time, however, you can stop by The Palazzo Ballroom, which is located at 111 US Highway 1. The ballroom also serves as an event venue, so that is good to know. Perhaps you are getting married and need to book an event venue in North Palm Beach. Also, the Palazzo Ballroom is known to host concerts.

If you are planning to go fishing in North Palm Beach, contact Phlats – Light Tackle Inshore Fishing. This is a fishing adventure for the entire family, and Captain Craig is your guide. The captain is said to know a lot about the history of the village, and he is quite knowledgeable about fishing, too.

There are all kinds of watersports adventures that await you in North Palm Beach. Don’t forget to check out the Jack Nicklaus Golf Course, too. One or more of your adventures is going to take you by the state park, but you might want to plan your own visit there, as well. It is one of the best places to visit in North Palm Beach, Florida.

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