Lincoln Park, Colorado

Lincoln Park, Colorado near DenverLincoln Park is located on the Eastern portion of Fremont County. It has over 3,900 people living in it. A majority of people living in Lincoln Park are classified as Caucasian. The median home value sits at around $160,000. It offers a suburban feel because of the total amount of space, home available, and limited population. Because of this, you will actually find affordable housing with rent sitting around $500-900/month. Also, the majority of people in Lincoln Park, Colorado actually own their own homes. However, there are over 20% that rent.

Some Things to Like:

1. Ranking

Niche has its own ranking list, and it listed Lincoln Park, Colorado as the #2 place to retire in the entire state of Colorado. It was ranked #2 underneath Holly Hills. One of the most significant factors that make the area so appealing is that it offers excellent living space for retirees. This is because it doesn’t have such an overwhelming population, and housing prices are affordable. Along with this, it offers excellent rankings concerning safety. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being located in an area littered with crimes.

2. Comfort Index

When it comes to finding the most ideal place to live, you are likely going to want to see a site that offers a comfortable living climate. Lincoln Park provides a reasonably good comfort index, which refers to the environment that it gives residents. For example, there are many days where you can expect the temperatures to be ideal. Along with this, you are not going to have to deal with an overabundance of rain throughout the year. Typically, you will get as much as 250+ sunny days per year when you live in Lincoln Colorado, with the average sitting closer to 200. This is significantly higher than the national average when it comes to getting ideal sunny conditions.

Lincoln Park, CO near3. Median Age

As noted previously, this is going to have a much higher median age because a lot of the residents are retirees, as Lincoln Park offers such an excellent locale for those that are retired. Therefore, you are going to find the median age sitting at just over 50 years old.

4. Cost of Living

When it comes to the overall cost of living in Lincoln Park, you can expect it to offer affordability, which should keep you from having to earn too much to live comfortably. In fact, the median income in the area is about $36,600. This means that it is a very affordable place to live.

Overall, there are a lot of things that you want to keep in mind when you are looking for places to live. Lincoln Park offers excellent value for your money if you are looking for an affordable and safe place to live.

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