Lantana, Florida

Lantana, Florida near West Palm BeachThe town of Lantana, FL only has a population of a little over 10,000 people. It is part of the southern portion of Palm Beach County. Did you know that this town was at one point the headquarters for the National Enquirer? The city may be only 2.25 square miles, but there is plenty to see and do there. Lantana is a popular wintertime destination, as are many of the cities in Florida, seeing as how the state is known for having great weather year-round.

Lantana Public Beach Area

Lantana Public Beach is one of the favorite places for both locals and vacationers. Make your way to 100 East Ocean Avenue and enjoy a beach that is nice, clean, and not very crowded. Reviews mention a cute little cafe nearby called Dune Deck for when you get hungry. You could also pack a picnic if you like, as there is a park, playground, and pavilion nearby.

After visiting Lantana Public Beach, you and your family might also want to visit the Lantana Nature Preserve. That’s one way to get to know the town a little better. The Lantana Nature Preserve is located at 400 West Ocean Avenue, and it is full of walking trails and beautiful sights. Reviews say that there are display boards that teach you about the area as you walk around. The preserve isn’t hard to find at all since it is off the main road.

Swamp to Sea Guide Service

Lantana, FL near 33462The Swamp to Sea Guide Service is a great attraction to check out if you enjoy fishing. You have a guide by the name of Captain Patrick, and he helps you find the fish. This adventure is said to be great for people of all ages, both experienced and inexperienced fishermen. People say that the captain makes everything a lot of fun and is very knowledgeable about the area.

This next place of interest is a gem for sure. It’s called Tomaso’s Magic Tricks and Treasures. Located at 502 Lantana Road, Tomaso’s Magic Tricks and Treasures is a place the kids will love. Reviews point to the fact that Tomaso himself shows people tricks when they stop by. He will definitely keep you entertained. People say that there are antique collectibles there, as well.

Bicentennial Park features a playground for the kids, and it is an excellent place to go fishing. The park is located right off of Ocean Avenue, and there is plenty of parking available. According to reviews, there is sometimes a food truck on site that serves Puerto Rican food. That sounds like quite the unique experience.

The small town of Lantana features quite a few unique opportunities. You can tell for sure that fishing is a big sport in the area. Feel free to venture into other areas of Palm Beach County while you are traveling around Lantana, too. Lantana is excellent to visit any time of the year, and the culture there is quite fascinating. It is indeed a gem found in southern Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions about IT Support in Lantana

Q: What is involved with Disaster Recovery?
A: It is very basic for organizations that have encountered a gigantic information misfortune to go under inside 5 years following the profane. DecypherTech knows Data Recovery. Our PC counseling facilities can break down how well your business is set up for an information misfortune catastrophe, and from that point, help you build an arrangement for recuperation. With our methodologies for preparing, we can keep you from leaving business with an insurance plan that is specially customized to your necessities. We can help you not just endure a catastrophe, for example, burglary or harsh climate harm: with our assistance, your business can flourish notwithstanding hardship.

Q: What is a Small Business Server?
A: Any IT services provided to small businesses will recommend the use of such a server that will play a range of roles over the overall functioning of your business. It can help whether the company has up to 50 computers or less than 5. A small business server is an essential asset for many companies.

A small business server can automatically support your business by storing your key files and protecting your business through the protection of critical data, automatically saving and reporting status to DecypherTech. You can be assured that your information is stored in the event of an emergency by using a small business server. You can also enable employees to access information and other resources remotely in addition to data protection. Your server is secure to share, print and fax files, which are some of small companies ‘ most useful IT services.

Q: How are we different?
A: It’s a different norm than what we do and what we do. As your managed IT partner we supply a tailor-made package designed exclusively for your needs and our approach and terms and conditions are so customer-centered that it can be difficult to make a comparison with our peers as well as traditional ones in a similar manner.
To make it easier, we present a comparison to highlight the key differences that our customers report to us, and why it makes us unique.

Q: How can we offer a lifetime risk free guarantee?
A: We can provide our IT support services with a risk – free guarantee because our business model evolved simply from our initial inception. We do what is needed, produce documents for approval and do not bill until you have assured ourselves that you are satisfied with the services we provide.

We work intelligently and together and use the best tools to ensure that every request is completed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Q: Are our staff appropriately qualified?
A: Yes. Our employees are trained in all technologies we support and receive substantial annual training packages. The annual development plan is in place for each employee to ensure that their qualifications are up to date and industry standard certification is obtained. We also run a number of workshops on the internal sharing of knowledge, attend training for vendors specifically, promote self-directed learning and provide CBT and know-how sharing systems on the desk, at the discretion of each employee. We also encourage R&D projects and workshops led by employees to better understand and improve our own internal systems in emerging technologies.

Q:  I suddenly lost the internet. What’s wrong?
A: Make sure that the connection is strong enough if you are connected via wireless connection. Please ensure that your cable is securely plugged in to the right position when connected via an Ethernet cable. Sometimes, due to storms, power outages or other occasions, the KSU campus loses internet connectivity. Contact us and we will work if the campus loses Internet.