Lake Clarke Shores, Florida

Lake Clarke Shores, Florida near West Palm BeachWhen you look at the coast of Florida, you will find that the region has plenty of small towns for you to enjoy. One of the main cities that you will see on the Atlantic seaboard will be Palm Beach. However, Palm Beach County is made up of multiple smaller towns, and one of those is Lake Clarke Shores. This is one of those areas that you are going to fall in love because it is easy to plan a great trip to this area because it has everything that you will want to do.

Lake Clarke Shores Area

Interestingly, it did not really become a significant town until later on in its life. That is because the city was not incorporated until 1957 . Around this time Lake Clarke Shores started to develop more and thrived off being on the shores of the adjacent Lake Clarke. So, you will find that this was named after an early settler in the region who was able to see the beauty of the area before it got built up.

Built up is a relative term though, as the town is only 1.03 square miles. However, inside of that small area, you will find a lively population of around 3,500 people. While this may seem a little bit crowded, realize that Lake Clarke Shores is quite relaxing because you have some of the most beautiful sights to see here.

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When you look at the community, you see that it is a very diverse community . A quarter of the people in the region children and the rest of the population are adults. About 63 percent of adults in this area are married. Also, about ten percent of the population is Cuban. So, this will definitely make it easier for you to have a great time in the area because you can interact with this rich culture and learn how the various cultures in Lake Clarke Shores are blended together.

Being able to learn about an area is always fun. Once you learn more about this beautiful, little town, you will understand that it is one of the best places to go if you want to raise a family or if you want to have a good trip while experiencing a quieter side of Florida.

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