heic files and windows shortcuts

HEIC Files, Windows Shortcuts, and more…

heic files and windows shortcutsHEIC Files, Windows Shortcuts, and more…

What are HEIC files?
HEIC files (High Efficiency Image Format) are image files from an iPhone. They aren’t natively supported by Windows but there should be codecs you can download to view them in Windows, and Microsoft and Google might start supporting them soon. HEIC files are much smaller than other image file types, and tend to be higher quality. Read more about these files and how to open them here.

Cloud File Syncing
Check the total size of Dropbox or OneDrive before enabling a sync on your computer. For some low-storage devices, the cloud service may contain more data than the device has space for.

Mobile QuickBooks Benefit
If you migrate to QuickBooks cloud service you have the added benefit of being able to access QuickBooks on mobile devices. This is especially handy for business owners or managers who are on the run.

windows shortcutsWindows Tips and Shortcuts
Windows Key + Left arrow or Windows Key + Right arrow pushes windows to the corresponding sides of the screens.

Windows 10 Build 1809 has a bug with multiple monitors and certain Intel chipsets. If you’re experiencing issues and have an Intel processor, we will need to wait until a patch is released to fix this bug.

Windows 10 > Settings > Personalization > Dark mode can help reduce eye strain when staring at the screen for long periods of time.

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