Haverhill, Florida

Map of Haverhill, Florida near West Palm BeachFlorida is a place where a person could relax on the beach with sandals on their feet and cocktail in their hand year-round. It is a place where people hit the driving range with their relatives, no matter what the season is. It is also a place where a person can hang out with their favorite Disney character every day.

Here are several reasons why Haverhill, Florida is an excellent place to live:

  • Residents Do Not Pay State Income Tax

A resident will not have to pay a state income tax in Florida. This makes this location perfect for individuals that want to save money. Luckily, this place helps its residents save a lot of cash. If a person lives in Haverhill, they can use the money they saved for a vacation.

Enjoyable Weather

Each winter, people living in the northern part of the United States have to deal snow covering their cars and homes, often as early as September. On the other hand, snow is very rare in Florida. A resident can enjoy the breezy weather during the winter without the stress of knowing they will have to shovel the snow in the road or on their driveway.

  • Haverhill Florida Is Near 663 Miles of Beaches

Possibilities are a person has been on the beach if they live in Haverhill, Florida because there are 663 miles of sand, sun, and waves to explore. Here, the beaches are really difficult to avoid. In the southern part of Florida, several of the most well-known beaches include Fort Myers Beach, Bonita Beach, and Vanderbilt Beach.

  • Plenty of Activities to Enjoy

Tennis, pickleball, and golf are merely few of the games that individuals love year-round in this state. Of course, there are other activities, too; snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and biking can be done regardless of what the season is.

Amusement Parks Near Haverhill

Amusement Parks Haverhill, FL near 33415The amusement parks in Florida have something for those seeking thrill. There are five substantial theme parks in Florida. This includes Sea World, Universal Studios, Legoland, Busch Gardens, and Walt Disney World.

  • A Rising Housing Market

The cost of a new house in this area has been continuously increasing in recent years. This builds outstanding equity for existing homeowners. New homes in places like Treasure Coast, Haverhill, and Orlando are still considered affordable. However, they are in high demand because of the rising numbers of people wanting to live there.

  • Oranges

For those who do not know, the state beverage of Florida is orange juice. And yes, the state fruit of Florida is an orange. Oranges are a huge part of Florida’s economy, and Florida generated approximately 70% of sold oranges in the United States in 2012.

People living in Florida are waiting for everyone to visit them. Florida has the most mind-boggling and entertaining news stories to wake up to each morning. Florida is actually one of the best places to live, even though people laugh at them at how crazy several Floridians are.

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