Green Acres, Florida

Target Green Acres, FloridaGreen Acres is the place to be, right? That’s what the song for the television show says anyway. You might be interested to know that the motto for the city of Green Acres, FL is “A Good Place to Live.” The city is only 5.91 square miles and has a population just shy of 40k. Green Acres is part of Palm Beach County.

If you love chocolate, you have the chance to visit a chocolate factory. It’s not Willy Wonka, but you’re going to enjoy this treat of a tour. The factory and candy shop were opened up in 1975, and the founder eventually had four shops within the county. It wasn’t until 2012 that the family decided to grow their business outside of Palm Beach County.

Hoffman’s Chocolates

Reviews mention all kinds of decadent treats available at Hoffman’s Chocolates. People say that it’s the best place to get chocolate candies in all of Palm Beach. The store has chocolate classes if you are interested. You will find Hoffman’s Chocolates at 5190 Lake Worth Road.

There are 61 listed restaurants for the city. However, for an incorporated town of nearly 40 residents, there is only one top-ranked attraction. It’s not like there isn’t a whole lot more to do, however, as you continue your adventure around Palm Beach County, FL, just keep this in mind.

The other top attraction in Green Acres is a bowling alley. Green Acres Bowl is also located on Lake Worth Road, just like the chocolate shop. The bowling alley is quite large, featuring 60 lanes. There are pool tables, a bar, and an arcade as well. Green Acres Bowl makes for fun family entertainment.

Attractions of Green Acres Area

Green Acres, FL near 33463Other attractions nearby include Okeeheelee Park, Mounts Botanical Garden, Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society, and Downtown Lake Worth. Lake Worth is undoubtedly another city in Palm Beach County that you might want to visit, especially since it is so close to Green Acres.

What about when it’s time to find a good bite to eat in Green Acres? The top restaurant is Eagle Grill, and its location is 4636 South Jog Road. Ribs, crab cakes, chowder, and more are on the menu at Eagle Grill. You can order up a delicious steak there, too. Reviews mention that back in the day, Eagle Grill at one point was a biker bar. How cool is that?

You can also get your New York style pizza in Green Acres off of Lake Worth Road. New York Style Pizza is the #3 ranked dining establishment in the city. This restaurant also offers an early bird special. That is good to know if you pick this place for a bite to eat with your family.

So, what do you say? Is Green Acres, FL the place to be? It really seems like a lovely little city in Palm Beach County. When vacationing in this part of Florida, there are more things to do than you can possibly imagine, and you’ll see that for yourself soon enough.

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Frequently Asked Questions about IT Support in Green Acres, Florida

Q: How to determine who is a good Managed IT services provider?

A: Reactive vs. Proactive is the main difference between management services and standard IT services. When your systems are down, you call and the IT person is released and fixes it in the standard IT services contract. So until the tech gets there, your company diagnoses the problem, and fixes it. You will also be placed in the precarious situation to hope that your backup is successful in the hope that data is not corrupted by Spyware and viruses and a litany of other’ whatif’ Another major issue is that it doesn’t really encourage your systems to operate efficiently and safely. A Standard IT Service Contract only pays the IT person when your system falls. The IT Partner is motivated by a Managed Services contract to keep your systems operational because they are paid a flat rate. In fact, it takes them more money to send out a technology so as to be able to proactively maintain and monitor the Managed Services Partner in contrast to a standard IT person.

Q: How Are Managed IT Services Different Than A Standard IT Contract?

A: When your systems are down, you call, and the IT person comes and fixes. This means that your enterprise is unaffected until the tech gets there diagnoses the problem and fixes it. It also puts you in the precarious position of hoping that your backup is out of commission, so that your company gets the problem and can solve it.

Q: How safe it is for me to engage with you for support and remote management?

A: We work with a number of standard safe remote system management procedures and procedures including strict SLAs, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and individual safety clearances for all DBAs. Monitoring, backup and recovery, upgrading, tuning and troubleshooting can be carried out from our remote location with the same efficiency and security as if work is done on site.

Q: Are new installations or upgrades covered as part of managed services?

A: New (unless otherwise agreed) installations or upgrades are outside the Managed Services range ; we will be glad to provide a quote based on your specifications.