DocuSign Scam, Outlook and a Software Recommendation

DocuSign Scam, Outlook and a Software Recommendation

docusign-scamScam Alert
A DocuSign Scam has circulated that makes the email from “DocuSign” look very legitimate. If you receive an email from DocuSign from an unknown party, please be aware. This is a phishing request whereby the scammer is looking for you to click on a link and provide them with your personal information. The old rule applies: do not open emails from unknown sources, no matter how curious you are. If you do open it by mistake, do not click on any of the links inside it. Here’s what DocuSign has to say about the scam:

“DocuSign is tracking a malicious email campaign where the subject reads: Completed *company name* – Accounting Invoice *number* Document Ready for Signature; The email contains a link to a downloadable Word Document which is designed to trick the recipient into running what’s known as macro-enabled-malware.

These emails are not associated with DocuSign. They originate from a malicious third-party using DocuSign branding in the headers and body of the email. The emails are sent from non-DocuSign-related domains including [email protected] Legitimate DocuSign signing emails come from or email addresses.

Please remember to be particularly cautious if you receive an invitation to sign or view a Document you are not expecting. If you have received a copy of the above email, DO NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS. Instead, forward the email to [email protected] and then immediately delete the email from your system.”

Outlook 2016
Outlook 2016 requires Autodiscover to be configured for Outlook to get email from an exchange server. Manually setting the server settings like in previous versions of Outlook is no longer an option.

Accepting Meetings in iOS 10.3 or Higher
If you are using iOS 10.3 or above, accepting meetings from the lock screen can send responses to multiple people. This happens if you’re using Apple’s Mail and Calendar function, you get a popup reminder about a scheduled meeting and your screen is locked, and you swipe it to acknowledge. Then the other meeting invitees might inadvertently receive an email update from you about that meeting. To prevent this from happening, Microsoft recommends using Outlook on iOS devices instead of Apple Mail.

Software Recommendation
Decypher often looks for useful software to assist our clients with their goals, like cleaning up their photo libraries. In a Windows environment, there is no good built-in way to organize photos like Apple’s Photo program. Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a good option for Windows users as it makes removing duplicate photos from your photo library easy. The app searches through any folders you choose to find duplicates and clear up space on your machine.

If you have any questions about these tips, or anything else related to your technology, please don’t hesitate to call us at 970.373.5428 or contact us today.

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