Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach, FloridaDelray Beach is one of the smaller cities in the state of Florida. It has a population of fewer than 70,000 people, which is a lot of people living in a small area surrounded by beautiful beaches and ocean water. It is an excellent place for tourists to visit when they are looking to have some fun in an area with magnificent beaches, various attractions, and naturally good weather. Aside from being a great place to go to on vacation, it is a great place to move to if you want to live in a warmer area and love the idea of watching a sunrise over the ocean in the morning.

Visit the Beach

The Delray Municipal Beach is one of the best places to stop by when you are in the area. If you love hanging out in the sand, working on getting a tan, and stepping into the ocean water, you will enjoy the Delray beach because it is beautiful, spacious, and clean. People come out to the beach to hang out with loved ones, get in the water, ride the waves, and even hop on a boat to go fishing. You can have a lot of fun while visiting the beach in Delray Beach, Florida.

Silverball Pinball Museum

If you want to have fun with family and friends, the Silverball Pinball Museum is an attraction that you should have included on your must-see list. It is a gaming and entertainment center that will keep you quite busy for hours at a time. It is perfect for those who love playing pinball and are looking for something fun to do while hanging out indoors. It is an affordable and fun attraction in Delray Beach that you should consider visiting.

Delray Beach, FL nearEnjoy the Restaurants

There are numerous fantastic restaurants located right in Delray Beach, Florida so you will not have to travel far to enjoy a delicious meal. Some of the many restaurants you can find in the area include Cabana El Rey, Mussel Beach, The New Vegan, and Brule Bistro. Many of these different restaurants are conveniently located within a short distance from the beach, so you could spend hours on the beach and then head on over to one of these great restaurants to grab some of the delicious homemade food.

Have Fun During Special Events

Different types of special events are held in Delray Beach throughout the year. Some of these events include Family Day, Wine Down Wednesdays, and more. You should pay attention to the events that are taking place when you are visiting because there may be something interesting that is worth checking out.

Delray Beach, Florida is a great city known for its beautiful beaches, convenient attractions, high-quality restaurants, and special events. Whether you are visiting the location, or even planning to move to here, you will not be disappointed with everything this city has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions about IT Support in Delray Beach

Q: How are we different?

A: It’s a different norm than what we do and what we do. As your managed IT partner we supply a tailor-made package designed exclusively for your needs and our approach and terms and conditions are so customer-centered that it can be difficult to make a comparison with our peers as well as traditional ones in a similar manner.
To make it easier, we present a comparison to highlight the key differences that our customers report to us, and why it makes us unique.

Q: How can we offer a lifetime risk free guarantee?

A: We can provide our IT support services with a risk – free guarantee because our business model evolved simply from our initial inception. We do what is needed, produce documents for approval and do not bill until you have assured ourselves that you are satisfied with the services we provide.

We work intelligently and together and use the best tools to ensure that every request is completed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Q: Are our staff appropriately qualified?

A: Yes. Our employees are trained in all technologies we support and receive substantial annual training packages. The annual development plan is in place for each employee to ensure that their qualifications are up to date and industry standard certification is obtained. We also run a number of workshops on the internal sharing of knowledge, attend training for vendors specifically, promote self-directed learning and provide CBT and know-how sharing systems on the desk, at the discretion of each employee. We also encourage R&D projects and workshops led by employees to better understand and improve our own internal systems in emerging technologies.

Q: I suddenly lost the internet. What’s wrong?

A: Make sure that the connection is strong enough if you are connected via wireless connection. Please ensure that your cable is securely plugged in to the right position when connected via an Ethernet cable. Sometimes, due to storms, power outages or other occasions, the KSU campus loses internet connectivity. Contact us and we will work if the campus loses Internet.