Decypher Tech Tips – October 2015


Decypher Tech Tips – October 2015

We want to keep our valued clients informed with the latest information regarding technology. That’s why we thought you’d enjoy some tips from our recent technical meetings:

  • In Windows 10, you can find Internet Explorer and other programs under “All Apps”
  • If your current version of Windows is encrypted, make sure to decrypt before upgrading to Windows 10
  • If you want to create a conference room or resource in Microsoft Exchange to send emails, you must set up a delegate who can add and schedule. You may need to re-enable the user by going to settings, rules, find the rule and remove it, then enable the delegate again
  • Quickbooks 2010 is not compatible with Quickbooks 2015, so you may need to update 2010 to a newer version before updating to 2015
  • All-in-one printers need specific scan drivers from their websites to scan
  • We recommend Mac Mail and Contacts for Mac users instead of Microsoft Exchange, because Exchange no longer syncs with Mac

If you’d like to know more about our technical training or have any questions, we’d be happy to help. Please call us today at 970.373.5428.


Farr Shepherd
President | Business Development Manager

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