Cherry Creek, Colorado

Cherry CreekThe neighborhood of Cherry Creek is quite impressive. It is close to downtown Denver, and it is a shopper’s paradise. Some of the best restaurants in the capital city are in this neighborhood, too. Discover what all there is to do in Cherry Creek and see why this cultured area of Denver is such a hot spot.

There are literally hundreds of places to choose from when you go shopping in Cherry Creek. That is impressive for such a small area. One place you will want to stop by is the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. The commercial part of the neighborhood is 16 blocks, but you will see that is jam-packed with exciting things to do and places to go. And get this, the majority of the shops you visit in Cherry Creek are locally owned.

It was mentioned that the neighborhood is in the more cultured part of Denver. Do you like to visit art galleries? There are a total of 15 of them in Cherry Creek, one of them being Gallerie Rouge. So far, the neighborhood seems more like a destination for adults, but there is something there for everyone.

If you are traveling with your kids, they will have fun, too.

Rocky Mountain Play ParkFor example, there is the Rocky Mountain Play Park. At this park, there are indoor and outdoor play areas. The outdoor playground is Looney Toons themed. Also, at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, you can find a movie theater, which shows all types of feature films.

This next part is really going to blow your mind. Guess how many salons and spas there are in the neighborhood of Cherry Creek. If there were only a few, even that would be enough to tell you that you have options and can count on hitting up the day spa. But get this, there are a total of 60 salons and spas here. That means you have more to choose from than you could even possibly visit in person.

There is so much packed into the neighborhood of Cherry Creek in Denver, CO. It was mentioned that some of the best restaurants in the entire city are in Cherry Creek, and one of them is True Food Kitchen. Also, another popular restaurant in this area is Barolo Grill. True Food Kitchen is all about organic dishes, and Barolo Grill is all about authentic Italian cuisine.

If you visit during the right time of the year, you can attend the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. You can also take the family to Confluence Park, which is a perfect place to visit for both adults and children. Another excellent tourist spot is Four Mile Historic Park.

Cherry Creek features both old and new housing.

The area is a fusion of new and old, meaning that it is a really unique neighborhood with quite a lot to offer. You have 16 blocks that are full of fun and ready to explore. The rest of Cherry Creek is residential. Within that 16 blocks is so much to do that you can’t possibly get bored. Cherry Creek is a happening place in Denver for sure.

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