Atlantis, Florida

Atlantis, Florida near West Palm BeachWhen you are trying to find out about all the different places in Florida, you that finding information can be a tremendous challenge. However, the critical thing that you need to realize is Florida is a lovely state, and when you look at Atlantis, it will quickly become easier for you to see this is a great vacation spot. Or, if you want to make Florida your full-time residence, know that it is a place that you will not be disappointed with. No matter what, learning about the area will make a difference in how well you know the area.

About Atlantis

This is a question that has puzzled explorers for years, well that is if you are talking about the lost city. However, this Atlantis is found in Florida, and it is in beautiful Palm County. Many locals enjoy that this area is not actually that populated when compared to some of the other regions of Florida. As the population goes, there are just over the two-thousand-person residence. With that in perspective though, remember that Atlantis is relatively small, taking up approximately 1.43 square miles.

Details About This Community

Atlantis, FL near 33462In the early days of Atlantis, it actually started off as a farm, but it quickly evolved into the beautiful gated-golf community it is today. This is an area that has plenty for you to do, especially in regards to golf. As it is a secluded area that does not allow a lot of strangers in, it is easy to enjoy your time there because you always feel safe.

The downside to this a gated community is that you will find that it can make it difficult at times for you to find some shopping that is inside of the area, so it is likely that you will do need to go outside of the community to for shopping. The best part is that Atlantis is located near many places that have plenty of shopping and beaches for you to enjoy after a short drive. So, you can easily have a chance to enjoy the beauty of Florida, knowing it is going to be simple for you to get around.

When you are looking at Atlantis, you will find that it is not the lost city that will draw you to Florida. Instead, it will be Atlantis, Florida, a thriving gated community of golfers. This is a place that has many activities for you to do on the course, but it also allows you to relax due to its general seclusion. Consider Atlantis, and your trip can be even more than what you imagined.

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