2019 Technology Declutter

2019 Technology Declutter

With the speed that technology evolves and as we continually upgrade, Pin, save, and snap it can become overwhelming to manage. If you make a plan and tackle it in digestible pieces, decluttering doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. Here are some suggestions to button up your 2019 tech to head into 2020 with a clean slate. Ready?

Power Cables – Gather all of the cables that you can find and purge the ones that no longer serve you. Now, drop off your unwanted tangle of wires at a local e-waste recycling event.

A Home for your Tech Accessories – Find a place that makes sense for you where all of your accessories will live. To take this a step further,  provide a compartment for each family member and label everything.

Annual Computer Data Purge – Sort through all of your digital documents and delete any that you no longer need. Resist the “just in case” feeling! If you start to feel overwhelmed by the volume, sort them by date and start with the oldest first. Breaking the task into chunks makes the process much more manageable.

Annual Smartphone Data Purge – Sort through your smartphone apps. Delete the ones that you no longer need and are hogging your data with Files for Android and iPhone Storage for Apple.

“Marie Kondo” your photo library – This is a difficult task because we are naturally attached to memories. However, your photo library is one of the bigger culprits of data hogging. Delete photos that are duplicates, blurry, screenshots, reminders, etc. You’d be surprised how much data this will free up!

UNSUBSCRIBE! – Most of us can relate to this one, especially during the holiday season with all of the shopping deals aggressively pursuing us. If there are some that you must receive, try updating the frequency with which you receive them.

Dump the Downloads – Another one worthy of tackling in chunks. Open your downloads folder and sort through what you should keep and what can go. There is likely a lot of data being stored here. Sort through to weed out important files and store them where you can find them. Dump the rest!

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